Expanded Idea

@61760218 WolfyVonHowlin had an idea that I want to expand on. They recommended a new map called the Salt Mines as a joke towards salty people. I think that’s great! A+ humor. What if we went a step further and made it so that people who collected a certain amount of Thumbs-down from battles were forced to fight in the Salt Mines, and it would a terrible map with the worst angles for fighting. The only way to get out of being qued for that map is to gain Thumbs-up’s.
Would be a cool April Fools gag.

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I am this person ObsidianFang speaks of, and I approve of this message!
:crazy_face: :clown_face:

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… Thumbs up? Thumbs down? In battle? Is it part of the suggestion too? Or something that’s already in the game? I’m lost here o_o

already in game. at the end of each battle you get a choice to thumbs up&down the battle-group. Currently, if a couple people hit thumbs up and everyone else hits thumbs down, those who hit Up will get grouped together more.

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… That’s glorious! Thx for the info :stuck_out_tongue:

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Has this been confirmed by the dev team.

From what I remember no one knows exactly how this thing works.

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I can’t say I’ve personally confirmed it with the devs. Just my own usage. I always thumbs up battles where certain players show up (either enemy or ally) players like IRON_DOG and, then, continually matched with them.

I personally like being matched VS top players or it is boring. I do not like playing if every game is an instant win.

I wish the thumbs up and down could tell them that :slight_smile:

I would rather kill a few guys I know are good and then lose the match. Then go in an steam roll noobs and win.

Don’t really care about my enemies, I just don’t want allies who are bigger obstacles on the way to victory than the average opponent.