Expectations for the new cab and gun

HI! so uh I’m just going to act like these are the old forums.

I’m genuinely curious, what are your first impressions on the new cabin and gun? what do you think the specifications will be? size? welding points?
What will their implications be for the balance and the variety of the game?

I’m curious, tell me :smirk:

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Don’t like the Gun’s perk or model. I kind of like weapons to synergize with other components too so a pulse rifle isn’t really my things to start with either.

As far as the cab goes it really depends on it’s stats it’s not very pretty though. The scale for W points is kind of hard to tell. I’m not even sure on the value of the perk if it takes a lot of damage to trigger it it’s not going to be worth much when stacking the perk.

So far the cab and gun don’t interest me. If the new BP has a legendary weapon I’m interested in I might get it. But they ruined parsers and that was my only reason to get that one BP… so now I’m reluctant to bother with this upcoming one.

I’m be the detractor, here.

I find all the new parts rather attractive aesthetically. They look sleek, and it looks like most of the surface will be paintable.

Many of the cabs have nooks carved out for components, but they’re placed down low. This one is unique in that the nook is up high. In not sure about a heavy cab for drones, but I’m hopeful.

The machine gun looks awesome to me, and the more I think about the perk, the more I like it. It’s designed to overheat, so use components to make it cool off faster & mindlessly mash the pew pew button. No more pulse firing for that thing… Just don’t miss. I also like how it looks… Low profile & sleek.

As for the treads, they’re faster and will offer some side protection. Sounds like a win win to me.

The whole “diesel punk” the way they’re interpreting it looks nice, and I’ll bet they mix well with the Avia parts. There’ll be done very pretty build with this stuff.

What I’m saying It’s not really about the stylistic looks of the model its about the functional angles of inclination the model provides. A squat shaped gun with a low barrel will have reduced angles below it’s horizontal axis. What they tend to be good at is taking less damage from their reduced hit boxes.

As far as it’s perk goes and design to overheat working with a reduced module load depends solely on how much damage is made up for in those first 5 shots post overheating. That’s a relatively thin line between is it beneficial or offsetting or further reducing damage from longer terms of shooting.

Though on rereading what was given in the post a few more times I’m thinking the cab is probably what is going to be the point of synergy for the new gun rather then there being a new cooler in addition as that seems really redundant. Whatever the second part is they mention is probably something else. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was just the heli blade lol…