Explosions feel kinda powerless

Anyone else feel like explosive weapons, like Thresher, Impulse, Yongwang, cannons and sometimes even missiles, feel kind of powerless and lackluster even though they are supposed to be well, explosive weapons. Feels like shotguns do a way better job at blasting enemy builds to bits and pieces than weapons that actually use explosions, even if you’re using a Harpy to boost the explosion itself.

Porcs have always been good and Fortune seems to do the explosive part pretty well now that they are buffed, but in general, specifically stuff like Thresher, Yongwang and Nest for example do explode a lot but feels like the effectiveness and damage dealt does not match the visuals. Your own generator or a fuel barrel doing an explode feels way more damaging than being hit by a full volley from these weapons by an enemy

I do agree it would be kind of interesting if they could do some type of AOE radius that would just push objects or players around a bit by the explosions on or near them. The closest weapon effect they have to do this is Impulse and not a lot of weapons have it.

I know that when they added not some time ago, an extra sound whenever one shooted a cannon, it was pretty darn cool, as it gave a really good feeling of weight when an enemy (or you) was hit, now i think its toned down a bit, since at launch it was a little to impactfull, but i think they could increase a bit in volume, at least on the epic to relic rarity cannons (be it fixed or turreted).

Agreed on Thresher, but Impulse is a great (underplayed) weapon, and Yongwang just shreds people.

I’d suggest playing them on Harpy exclusively, since they have good blast damage but not the most impressive base radius. Also Yongwang is just much funnier if you stay at a PS where people play gasgen.

Yes indeed, even with the boost it seems to do less than it should. This binds to even cannons. Anything that should explode.

Ones splash and ones strip tho…

I prefer Threshers to Impulse or Yongwang (although I do love Yongwang).
Threshers are great at punishing anyone who decides to charge you (works best if you can reverse quickly, and if you have enough rads to shoot for a decent amount of time).

No the explosion damage does not seem lackluster to me.

I play

Yongwang- it’s actually pretty overpowered

Tsunami/ 2xexecutioners- they seem to whollop

Waltz- Ive won 26/30 streight games my last PvP session with waltz last night at 14k p’s.

Fortunes- so much damn luster!

All of which I do really well on and have high dammage.

I can agree impulse is a mih weapon. It was always a more high skill curve of a weapon, but now even the players that always ran them and cleaned up have abandoned them for the most part. Threshers are pretty good though…well good enough I think.

All the four energy rockets don’t feel lackluster at all. In fact locust gets used in diamond cw. Some rockets are mih, but none are lackluster Imo aside from the tow.

If I’m being honest my whole inventory is explosive dammage right now aside from my reapers and kaiju. Nothing really feels like it’s missing anything atm.


The point of this post is not that they don’t deal enought damage, it is that their sounds and graphical effects don’t match with the damage they do, making they feel like they deal way less damage than what they actually do.

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Autocannons also don’t give enough visual/audio/impulse feedback. I also wish trombones did more of a fire puddle when they hit.

I thought he was talking a bit about both.

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OP specifically mentions how the weapons don’t do enough damage… and look way more impressive than their actual ingame effect.

Explosions are pretty weak imo, especially on lower blast radius weapons like tsunamis and 88s. Even if you hit a part directly you are doing what, 440 damage? If you miss it the blast radius is so small but the damage is so intense in that tiny radius.
They don’t really feel like a typical explosion where the radius is more or less proportional to the yield.
Maybe bullet damage on low blast radius high damage gets buffed while the explosion damage gets nerfed and buffed? Also make the blast radii and damage proportional across all non-energy weapons. I think explosions would feel a lot less gutless.

Now with the armor change, explosions feel even more weaker than before

Especially weapons that use explosions as the main thing, like Yokai, Vulture, Phoenix, Pyres and Hurricanes, Nest, Thresher still as always and so on

They made the Cricket great again, so why can’t they give all other explosive weapons a hand? Single shot shotguns to the face feel like a way better “explosion” than anything that actually explodes hitting an enemy build, and Arothrons feel like they do the whole explosion inside an enemy build way better than any Cannons do