Extreme samebuild problem

Let’s face it, build diversity has never been that great to begin with but lately it feels like it’s reached an all time extreme. It feels like people are running the same 5-6 builds with only insert current meta being the only weapon you run into, usually in the same exact configuration. You don’t even need to have groups playing to run into teams using the same builds.

Honestly it’s nothing but fortune aegis, cyclone spider, starfall spider, hammerfall brick, reaper brick, reaper spider, Imps, more hammerfall and an occasional breaker, stillwind or scorpion

And I don’t think this new energy system they are planning on making is going to make any difference to any of this, maybe they have to reconfigurate using a lower ps support module like cooler and radiator but other than that it will most likely still be the same stale stuff

Honestly I think the last 6 months before this new pass was much worse. The Gerrida meta at 9k was practically all you saw aside from some V hovers and generic melee builds.

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Yeah, I’m also seeing more build diversity across a wide PS range. Could still be better, but it’s not as bad as it was.

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I haven’t seen much change in 9000-13000 PS range diversity, you have maybe 1-3 builds, not per team but per match that is not the usual meta or the usual parts that everyone uses, but even at then it’s usually limited to incinerators, fuze/yaoguai, kapkans/king

At most some creativity I seem to see these days is that instead of hammerfall or breaker brick, you have a hammerfall or breaker build with boosters. Instead of a triple stillwind build on omni wheels backing up all match, it might be on hovers. Instead of 2 cyclones, a build might have 1 cyclone and then 1 starfall or 2 arbiters. Instead of the fire build having all flamethrowers, it might have 1 harvester or something like that.

What are the weapon types you feel are currently absent?

I mean you’ve named MGs, ACs, melee, flamethrowers, drones, mines, sniper guns, and possibly a few other categories. That doesn’t really leave many other categories.
In addition to the ones you mention, I’m also seeing a variety of grenade launcher builds, some artillery, plasma emitters, electric weapons, lasers, and conventional cannons. There aren’t really many other weapon categories.

Edit: I’m also seeing a variety of missile builds lately, especially crickets.

Actually i havent seen lancers in many years, but maybe thats because we have a tusk cabin now.

cuz everyone nowa days in the wasteland r heeeyyyyy uuuuu guyyyyyssss (goonies) :rofl: :rofl:

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Single shot type weaponry in general rather than the ever constant bullet spam. Missiles outside the cricket seem all but dead, maybe I’ve seen 1 or 2 hurricanes but instead of actual builds they’re just random troll builds. Locusts, Flutes, Snowfalls, nowhere to be seen these days. Explosive weaponry in general seems limited to just fortunes, everyone’s just running around with fortunes, not a single retcher in sight

In all honesty I wish that the stuff that does not work was made to work a bit more. It’s just cyclones, hammerfalls and fortunes with an occasional starfall or arbiter. I can’t even remember the last time I saw an Avalanche even

At last the Narwhal seems somewhat popular so when more people unlock it, it should become somewhat viable of a cannon so it’s not only an occasional tsunami or mammoth that is seen maybe once a week

A lot of it is about what is new and exciting.
I like snowfalls and avalanche, but let’s face it: the bullet drop is too much for most players.
But I do see a decent number of crickets, lexicons, and even some waltz players.
Parsers are still pretty strong, but seems like people forgot about them.
I’m seeing more cannons lately though, which is nice.

I think the reload module addition is part of what made reload weapons less popular, as it ate up an energy point for most people. Hopefully the coming energy rework will address that.

i gotta beat up bots cuz i cant get in 2499 pvp lobbies :rofl: :rofl:

I saw one two days ago…momentarily .

I’m thinking about those, in a face hugging build, the perk helps and all

Snowfalls can be devastating when a full volley connects, and it’s easiest to do that at close range.
But if you practice a lot, you can hit people at mid range, and they have very little spread, so a good shot can land all the missiles on target.
I think the charging mechanism scares people away. Makes it tricky to time your shots right.

up close nd get those red crit dmg numbers lol

The snowfall perk makes that less of a problem than most explosive numbers.

I’ve got a harpy Dove build that sometimes does over 1000 self damage if I launch them too close to an obstacle. Not a great way to start a match.

I’m gonna look into it.

I have some coins.

I tried tusk cab but i couldn’t make more than 1200 to my drone build and that was from behind.

I’m seeing what can i buy and have potential fun.

Write your ideas in game suggestions, the developers will see them