Facebook Crossout Contests

I generally ignore them, but started participating a few weeks ago when work slowed down a bit.

I won in 3 of the last 4… The odds - considering how few properly respond - are pretty good.

I checked to try to figure out why I kept winning… Folks aren’t answering the actual questions or just get them wrong. They don’t put their username correctly.

For example, in the game, you might be
But the username given is
“Cool dude.”

The latest one I won was for giving a simple New Year’s greeting. I think one of the reasons I won is I remembered it’s 2053 in crossout, not 2023, and actually gave a NEW YEAR’S greeting.

There were 15 responses. Only 7 included what appeared to be an actual username, platform and real greeting without lacing a complaint into it.

I’ve received about 2 weeks of premium, a couple of banners and a globe duck… Whatever that is. Might not get to play to find out for a while. Either way, that’s one more globe duck than I had yesterday! :grin::grin:

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If that’s the snow-globe-with-a-duck-in-it decor, I’m a little jealous. I think that’s a cool Crossout collectable.

I’ll never go near facebook again, but I’m glad to see you’re the guy conquering those contests. Good for you, Mr.

Yeah, I all but deleted Facebook, but we have a pretty active neighborhood watch group and I have a couple of friends out of the country, and FB keeps me hooked with those.

If I’m going to win enough of these to keep premium constantly, I may have another reason. :rofl:

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Okay, my curiosity got the better of me. I had to look what this globe duck thing is…

It’s not on the market. LOL Guess I’ll play a match or two. :rofl:

I would like to apologize in advance to all of you, but I am now part of an elite group within Crooosawlt.


oh my.
I take pride in sporting the ducks. Not enough to venture back to facebook after 6 years though.

But oh my eyes are blinded by that shiny beautiful duckness! :smiling_face_with_tear:


The latest Facebook contest was to take a screenshot of you attacking a leviathan. They were going to award 10 people the spring drone decor. Only eight people participated. I was one of them. Lol. That makes for spring drones!

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nice. I am still not using FB.

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hello Roopull.
These events are held simultaneously on social networks such as steam, discord, facebook, reddit … etc.

You can participate in this competition from the official crossout social pages of your choice. just make sure you follow them. @80196194

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