someone on reddit is trying to tell me that the changes to the incinerators are good saying that they want to make it less of a support weapon and more of a direct damage weapon. are people on reddit high on something? why are people defending that nonsense?

incinerators are a support weapon no matter which way you look at it.

I think incinerators work very differently in PVP than they do in PVE.
Human players aren’t going to sit in fire puddles, unless they’ve been Kapkan’ed.

So the change is going to make them less effective in PVE (they are arguably OP against Invasion Leviathans), and potentially more effective in PVP.

The key is how big the blast is. If the blast damage of 120 hits half the circle, 2 of them should hit like a damn avalanche explosion (240 damage vs the avalanche’s 260). The heating part is huge buff on contact. 50% instant heating? Thats got some potential for sure.

What im saying is this isnt a nerf all the way. Its a repurposing. If you can nuke entire heavy build’s armor off on contact, this might be a Huge buff.

Your reaction is classic xo forum panic over something you dont even know how itll turn out.

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but incinerators arent meant to be a direct damage weapon. and if thats the case then theyd need a rework to how the weapon functions because that arch isnt helping it, you need to tilt your build to hit anything in front of you.

uhhhhhhhhh you got something backwards there bud LOL less effective in pvp but more effective in pvp? :rofl:

so lets make pvp and pve weps only?
so what,a dumb bots takes some heat.
this is a nerf that is uncalled for’
and they work the same in pvp n pve,like any wep does.
you cant just nerf something to ‘try’ to make it work for pvp n pve…that makes no sense…
incs r just fine the way they r…get rid of nests—they r annoying…

they work the same though. hit an area with them and cover it in fire. hit an enemy and cover them in fire. the damage accumulates overtime and it heats parts up allowing for more damage.
yeah they are more effective in pve but if they are reliant on direct hits then they are completely worthless because your main source of damage will be in the initial hit. then someone can just tank through the hit, barely get heated at all and just take you out. you wont be able to defend yourself.

but thats ONLY if you get a direct hit. and whos to say how big the hit area will be. if its big then yes you could possibly do some damage, but if its small then that direct damage isnt going to matter, the enemy will just tank through the damage and find you in the alps. then youll be sitting there weaponess and as a smouldering cabin contemplating your life choices as your team mates just look at you as they drive by in shame.

tried explaining this to the idiot on reddit and his response was “to long didnt read” f**ken hate reddit users man. im just not gonna bother going there anymore.

can we get a skin thats just a bees next and when you fire the nest its just a bunch of giant hornets?
or maybe they fire seagulls that say “mine mine mine!” as they fly to their target…

Please keep in mind that the Avalanche does 260 contact damage. It also does 700 explosive damage.

yes an ‘inc’ is an AOE wep not designed to be in ur face avalanche…please keep that in mind as well…

'they nerfed my ps so i have to play higher ps…
‘they nerfed my weps so i have to play different weps…
‘they are making us fish in barrel’
when we want to swim in the ocean’ :fu: xo :rofl:

Nope. Completely wrong. It does exactly 500 bullet damage and exactly 260 explosive damage, period.

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Says 260 bullet, 700 explosive whenever I shoot the bedlam sphere.

I dont rmember anything about a bullet buff, but the 260 damage is definitely the explosive damage. The other number is the bullet damage.

i get 500 and 260 when i shoot it.

Ah, so I got them swapped around. Good to know.

I have mine fused for extra damage, I think.

What change?

Oops! Fixed now

No, I’m saying by making them a bit less powerful in PVE and more powerful in PVP, we would get to a more balanced state.

still makes no sense…they r fine the way they r…

'and for fun–whats (less powerful in PVE and more powerful in PVP) in this game?


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