Faction Syndicate

Hey Guys… im lvl 37 on Syndicate. but i ned 49 for Omni Build… how can i upgrade syndicate??

it s impossible even if the next saison it s for syndicate faction

Yeah, sadly I don’t think that you can ever get that formula.

You can unlock work prices to craft the part, but only during a season with Syndicate in it.

Just sell your resources and buy them on the market, it is cheeper anyways.

Crafting is not profitable in most cases.

They got some of the old crafting recipes in the new season, but yeah I have to agree most of the time crafting is more costly then buying it

Yeah, some the the work pieces are worth it because they have reduced costs. But even some of those are more expensive then just selling the resources and buying with coins.

I think new players get punished most, because they might play for a year or more and never figure that out. Then they are waaaaaaay behind.

its what happens with timed events and things being locked behind seasons. a new faction comes in then gets locked behind a season, you come in late and dont advance in time, then you have to either wait for another season and hope some crafting parts come out for it, buy it on the market or wait and see if theyll release the permanent recipes again.

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They should have done that in the first place instead of doing the workpieces (even though sometimes those have a discount).