From the looks of it, the real winners in this war will be those who were not involved in it.

Is this a case of the developers flirting with their own stupidity?


LoL! I knew from Day 1 who would win. I’m just hoping the sticker and hologram are sellable.

Why would people who weren’t involved be the “winners”?
Didn’t we all get the rewards?
Isn’t everyone a winner?

I’m not sure I understand the complaints about this event/feature. Sure, it was more of a poll with some rewards than an event, but it was still some free cosmetic stuff. Who hates free stuff?

Anyway, I’m glad firestarters/lunatics swept the whole thing on PS4, because they had the cooler rewards.

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Generally, I like free stuff, but I’m not going to be able to appreciate this free stuff, because that Brotherhood crap sucks, and I’m on PC, and here on PC, the Brotherhood won (wasn’t even a contest), so it’s hard to look at without feeling burned a bit…I still won anyway.

That fancy little totem clearly belongs to us in the Khaganate now. So, mua-hahaha…enjoy your dog stickers, Brotherhood.


Of course, they won, wolf packs always win over future KFC buckets of chickens, especially cause I was on the brotherhood side :joy: :rofl:


You cad!..we thought you were dead.

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All I wanted was the Firebird :frowning:

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I’m sure the firebird thing will be available in the store at some point, probably for 200 CC just like the frog/skinner ck was…and that I wanted…but wasn’t shelling out $10 for. >:(

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I wanted the sticker, and the logo…the portrait was cool too, but I wasn’t really feeling the hologram…oh, well…

…maybe, one day there will be a reckoning. Until then, I really am taking the Eagle Totem for our own. That’s ours. I’m not giving it back, and I curse the wasteland with our melee minions, who will forever smite the wasteland with their horrible META.

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I’m kind of sore about this. Wolves won on Xbox by a 2-1 margin and I don’t understand why. Where is my bird hologram? How did this happen? What were these players thinking?

I may never know.


On PS4, it seemed like if you didn’t manually select a faction, then you defaulted to the fire chicken side.
Was that the case (or the reverse) on other platforms?

Depending on the faction one joins, it’s the faction that crafts the different items

Wait, do you mean that people on the losing faction got nothing? I thought everyone got the reward?
What would stop people from switching to the winning faction at the last minute?

I don’t think so. Both boxes were left unchecked when we were offered the selection.

I don’t think anybody took advantage of the Reputation gains that could have been achieved by using decor either, or this contest really didn’t function as advertised. What it looked like to me was people simply chose sides and it was strictly a census that determined the outcome, with Reputation points earned being irrelevant for one reason or the other. I say this because the needle never moved (one point) like I would have expected from an organic interaction and a win determined by zeal, which is what it was advertised to be.

I was surprised at how many people didn’t understand the rules at all, frankly, but then we speak a lot of different languages here too, so IDK.

No, that’s not what I’m saying, I’m saying why fight if you can get a reward for doing nothing at all

Isn’t the whole point of playing a game to have fun playing the game?
I mean, I’m going to play whether there’s an event like this or not, so why would I choose to not play? Playing isn’t work, it’s why we downloaded the game in the first place.
Would you really be happier if everyone had to complete specific tasks to get these cosmetic items? Makes no sense to me.

Cosmetic items = nice, but not particularly exciting
Playing the game = nice, and much more exciting than not playing.

Am I missing something?

Are you talking to me Doc? … Are you talking to me? :joy: :rofl: I’m alive and howlin about but not as much as I used to, The forum looked like a schoolyard for a while even had a schoolyard bully or two so couldn’t be bothered to interact on here

I admit the Firebird hologram is more appealing then the wolf one, but C’mon my name gives away who’ll I be and am supporting :rofl:

Yeah I wanted the Frog CK for the skinner too but with you on not wanting to be felt ripped off afterward :rofl:

Looks like the Howlin Brigate won on Xbox and PC but lost to the fire chickens and future finger lickin’ good bucket fillers on PS
2 out of 3 still something to howl about!

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Ya…I guess I can’t deny it’s gonna look good on you, probably.

Congratulations…but if you ever “need more boulettes,” just let one of us know. :slightly_smiling_face:

This way I don’t care at all about the so-called faction wars, the equivalent of the developers handing out rewards directly to the players and the developers having to carry on in such a way that it results in: the losing side’s efforts being wasted while the winning side puts in the effort but receives the same rewards as the players who didn’t put in any effort, not you, but surely some people are displeased with this