Faction Wars are here!

In case you don’t know, starting Oct 16th, you’ll need to pick a side and, for the next 5 weeks, we’ll be fighting to determine exactly what new items get added to the game. Should be interesting.


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say maps! say maps! say maps!

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im slightly wrong. we don’t get to pick, just, certain parts will be added depending on which side wins. mu bad.

I’m looking to get my Firestarters on with this. It’s not a faction I’ve ever been into in a practical sense, but I’ve always liked their aesthetic. I just think their equipment sucks and I don’t play melee or fire-dogs often (never played fire-dogs).

It’s time for me to change my attitude though, and I feel like if any faction really needs new parts, it’s the Lunatic/Firestarter brand. So, I’m pulling for them.


I can’t believe you’ve never played flame weapons! That seems so suited to your aesthetic

I bought a pack years ago that had some flamethrowers in it. By the end of the day they were sold on the market. Looks like I’ll be giving it a second glance though. I have no ideas what to do with them though (or how I’ll afford them). I just can’t envision an aesthetic or play style that I’ll find amusing to do with them. I’ll get bored just T-boning kids and pinning them to the wall until they pop, but having said that, I do have a Auger/goblin thing on my roster still. I just never use it…until I get frustrated and feel like I need some revenge for getting pwnd mercilessly in PVP. Then I drag it out and crush schit.

I suppose that could just as well be reworked to accommodate flamethrowers and some trademark Firestarter style…time to go wake the dragon and get her dressed.

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I’ve never had much luck playing flamethrowers on augers, but I keep trying.
Wheels or omniwheels still seem best to me, and I don’t feel like omniwheels fit the visual vibe I want for a flamethrower build. Usually hermits or Bigfoots for me, although shivs are a decent option for lower PS.
I would think I would get bored of flamethrowers quick, but I find it really gets my adrenaline going. You have to make so many quick decisions, and be very in control of your vehicle. Makes it feel more like a driving game, and less like a shooter. Well, more like driving crossed with wrestling.

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What are you talking about? This never gets old.


I’ve long since gotten rid of the Firebird builds, and never released any vids of them (except for one in adventure mode) but I had rear mounted a Remedy upside-down facing in reverse so it couldn’t be seen. Rammed people till i got their attention and, when they started chasing me, would fire off the Remedy. I, personally, was not very good with the build but it was pretty awesome to see my 1978 T/A laying down flames, LMAO

Sorry, no Remedy on this version, I had long sold it by the time I took this pic, but this was the build I used it on.


My first attempt at a Firestarter build was demoralizing and embarrassing. I’m not posting pics, and deleted the build. I got pwnd in Patrol. Bad. Cannons just demolished it like it was made of cray-paper. It was awful. IDK. Firestarters structure parts suck, IMO (haven’t figured it out) and so does the remedy. I’m having a little buyers remorse over that thing…Do I buy a second one? Third?

The explosives perk on Firestarter cabs suck for use with Lunatic or Firestarter weapons, and seem to go better with cannons or schit besides shotguns,melee, or flame throwers…like rockets, I guess, which I don’t care for at all (made of corn-chips and too hard to aim).

I looked at the Remedy Melee META on the exhibition, and…

…I’m not sure I want to be that guy…but that appears to be the gig. Will it work using all Firestarter/Lunatic/Engineer inventories? I guess I’ll find out.

It’s way more META looking than anything I’ve ever cared to screw with, but then Confrontation Mode is a thing now. Maybe this needs to happen.


i too felt this way about it, but that was about a year ago, so, I don’t know how it is now. I really only had it just for the firebird and, as soon as I stopped running in that, the Remedy was as good as sold. I developed absolutely no attachment to using it, for what ever that’s worth.

Running a firedog has never been my cup of tea, either. As for using firestarter parts, the only one’s I’ve come to rely on are shiv’s and boomsticks for the low to mid PS. Going any higher than 9k with their stuff just ends in wreckage. And, for being one of the end-game factions, that’s really disappointing.

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A single remedy won’t do much, although I guess you could try pairing with some shotguns, using it like how minigun builds benefit from an aurora. Or with some active melee.

Best to use three flamethrowers and a lot of passive melee. I use two remedies and a Draco, with blight to buff them. If you are set on using a firestarter cabin, harpy’s ammo boost is somewhat useful, and werewolf’s speed could work. The death drone should do some damage most of the time, as you’re likely to be in contact with someone else when you die. Just trigger the detonation immediately for some revenge.
Blight has a great sounding engine and looks good too. If you can afford one, it is really key to making a flamethrower build work.
If you’re going higher PS to hunt hovers, a skinner can be useful.
If you want to get really dirty, a daze module can be super annoying.

You could try pairing your tempuras with a single remedy. Maybe throw in some lances too?

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Lunatics and Firestarters are better than Scavengers and Steppenwolf. Observe:

  1. Lunatics is the most important faction to level up, as the 3 gun mounts are the best parts in the game and are used on every build, Also, buggy floors are important.

  2. Firestarters has the coolest legendary weapons. Triple Fortune hits about as hard as a Heather and Draco has the most DPS in the game hands down. These weapons also have huge durability because you can box them deep into builds. Players who are serious about doing big damage will obtain these builds. Also, when you are playing Fortunes or Dracos, your highlight reel will be more spectacular. Have you ever OHKO’d a hover you didn’t like before? This is routine with both weapons.

  3. Harpy is absurdly good. It increases the size of every explosion by about 40 percent. This means that your Fortunes will punch through a Goliath track and explode ammo boxes behind it.

  4. Incinerators, besides Porcupines, are the only thing in the game that can kill an entire team at once.

In contrast, Scavengers are Steppenwolfs are the worst factions in the game. Legendary cannons are weak and slow and heavy and take forever to reload. Further, these factions promote a giant, slow brick camping playstyle that makes the game un-fun. If everyone played Scavengers and Steppenwolfs, the game would be World of Tanks.

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So you do have a dark side, eh? :wink:
Those sound like some good ideas, thanks.

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Incinerators are on the BP work bench too aren’t they?

I’m glad to see a different (from mine) perspective on Firestarters and Lunatics. Despite liking their imagery and themes, I’ve never dipped into their cult very far before. It sounds like I have more options than I thought.


I’m fighting for the Kaganate. I’m Space Children level 54, but I’ve always been a Firestarter deep down. Plus, they have hotter rewards. The Blazing Bird hologram is splendidly amazing. :fire:

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