Factory (ammo and drone)

It would be nice to have a legendary module that creates ammo or drones over time.

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I thought it might be good to just have them lurk near dead players to have them build more drone. i.e micro factory would be a working scavenging unit. It could even be animated with little crawlers stripping off parts.


Could be a good perk to work off of the current Singularity items.
I’d like to see a unit independent of corpses
But one can definitely see how it would be useful as a module, drone, or cabin…

I thought it would be fair even for the existing one. If they wanted two ratios of time collection to drone production it could also be worked into a higher rarity rate with the same game play backing it which is normally nice for a learning curve.

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I wonder how well a drone boat will perform in a PS that requires legendary factory when considering the effectiveness of drones currently.

Sick idea.