Fafnir buff explained

Fafnir buff:

Fafnir should get a buff if you compare the damage and combat use.

Junkbow does 144 damage per shot.
Fafnir only 160 damage per shot.
Nidhogg does 220 damage per shot.

The diference between Junkbows and Fafnirs is 16 damage but between those and Nidhoggs are 60 points of damage, this really shows how this underperform as they really arent a better option than Junkbows for the PS increase, also the poor atractive they have because of its underperforming has make its price skyrocket (at least in ps4) reaching 1.000 coins to get one, not to mention that there are only 10 prices to sell and 8 offers to buy.

I would at least buff the damage with the cost of reload from ~3s to maybe 3’5 or even 4.

Im really hoping for a buff as they are only seen on 6-8k PS (and very rarely)

I tried it, it was ok I guess, not strong, but there’s no need to give it extra power, I think you can give them some melee resistances