Fafnirs perk should either be reworked, or it should also boost the range on top of accuracy. These guns suck a lot, be it on big beefy builds, small fast builds, wheels, hovers, omnis, legs, and even at maximum perk accuracy you are going to need to be so close to the enemy to deal damage that the perk really makes no difference. At least with my testing it felt like that, shots with or without perk active or perk just a little bit active all felt like it made the same kinds of damage. Be it trying to do quick drive-by shots, trying to hang at maximum distance to the enemy and take “accurate” shots or just straight up facehugging these guns just can’t really do much anything. I found that fat mans are a better “fafnir” than the fafnir itself. And sledgehammers and hammerfalls have way more range at norm than this thing on top of being able to fire multiple shots.

Honestly even Junkbow is a better fafnir than fafnir they do around the same amount of damage, have about the same accuracy and both get shot off rather fast by absolutely everything.

Maybe it might work on a full on booster build, but at that point the PS is so high you might as well just go nidhogs and do much better because you can shoot more frequently.

I would not want it to be any parser level distance to the enemy but for a gun supposedly all about accuracy with the perk it’s just not long range or accurate enough, feels like if you are farther away from an enemy car than 3 meters you can’t really dish out any damage due to being out of the range for single shot shotgun weapons in general, and once you’re 1-2 meters to the enemy, it does not matter if you have the perk active or not you’re going to usually hit what you are trying to hit (guns mostly) with the extra accuracy or none

Didn’t the perk used to be a damage boost?