Fail Builds

How not to build your car.

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Cmon now.
I know you all want to post silly contraptions here.
Giving a laugh to your fellow human is a good thing.
Now show us those silly Builds :joy:

Ultra Locust

That is alot of overweight weight my friend, are you sure it was ultralocust? because i see him zipping across the map everywhere.

I ain’t used it in a while just sitting there, tis my 9k cricket build use to be able to play it in clan confrontation until a random update comes to brick it so i got to shed some mass off it.

I know what you mean, they are good damage at range, but my 7k cricket build gets eaten up by close quarter builds.

I use to be into rockets but got sick of them

I heard melee is the way to go these days, with all the buffs they get, but that doesnt prevent us to make fail builds and have fun playing.

I made those 3 builds in the screenshots in less than 5 minutes, im sure other players can come up with more :joy:

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The Microscope!.

Scanning enemy cars for in silico pathogens.

The Dragon Training Train!

How would you like to train your dragon drones?

My 8k cricket build does fine (might be because its shotgun/melee cancer proof, its a heli)