Fail Flipping at 1 second left

Your car is upside down.
You are waiting for the 10 second countdown.
At 1 second left a teammate rams into you while flipping you.
It fails because he rammed into you instead of driving past you.

The 10 second countdown starts again, while you watch your ‘helper’ drive away.


bots are great for this…

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or he tries to flip you but instead hits you as your in the air and prevents you from flipping so you have to wait there for another 10 seconds.

u have to clik heli mode and shut off,u will have better luck next time.

nooooo thats not what i meant lol. when they go to flip you you jump in the air to flip yourself back over. well sometimes team mates come to flip you but just run right into you and prevent you from flipping back over. this isnt related to helis.

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