Fair game?

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Its not aimbot or esp he’s using. If he is using a controller on PC he’s def running aim assist or some soft cheat like Cronus. That clip of him degunning JBRider isn’t sus at all; his guns were sparking. He did miss shots on JB’s teammate Kaiju too.
If it makes you feel better or start accusing me of cheating I would love to see the perspective of my spectators and enemies

Cheat accusers please post your dirt on me I have to see it all! :smiley:
I probably have a matching clip of whatever you have so we can compare my aim with what is being spectated.

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This cannot be excused with any argument.

Now you have a great point! Call it aim assist not a cheat. Its very different from someone using walls and aimbot.


I remember this is very old. Hasn’t aim assist been nerfed since?

I don’t know that and it doesn’t bother me anymore, I definitely removed the crossout. Tet goes wow and much friendlier. :hugs:

It seems every post I have read from you is filled with negativity.

I missed this thread lol? Yea I’m beginning to think this dude might not be a cheater but I’m leaving the video up because it is my most watched video and at the very least this player is abusing an exploit that combines mouse and keyboard with controller from what I read from various players in the comment section on my channel.

It is old, I didn’t even make a thread about it from what I can recall, I just posted it straight to youtube and the vid just blew up with over 2000 views.

They are just a good aim,no more no less… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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They limit the travel in their weps rotation for some reason,maybe easier with camera steer?

I must be aimbotting too

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