Fair weapons (in your opinion)

I was wondering, what do you people think of as a fair weapon? Something that does not make you feel like “this is bullsh*t” even if you get killed by someone good with said guns? Something that feels fair and reasonable in your opinion and like people doing good with them have more to do with people actually being good with them, rather than being one of the easy win cheese weapons you oh so often see everyone and their mother running?

For me, Arguments, for all intended purposes it’s not super good, and feels surprisingly fair to fight against. Quasars also, even on build maxed out for energy damage with claws and Quantum or Harpy, they still don’t generally pack that big of a punch, unless the player is really good with them. Whirlwinds also, Stillwinds might pack a big ol’ punch in all situations but Whirlwinds are pretty lackluster all in all, yet some people do make them feel like you’re up against Stillwinds. Yokai can pack a pretty big punch and appear super meta and easy, but getting those powerful missed shots is pretty hard. Fat Men are a pretty fair cannon all around. Those I could think of off the top of my head

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to me, i love the special category of weapons for the most part. I feel like they are pretty fair weapons to fight with, specially when building a rig just for the 5k-6k range. The Sinus, I think, would have to be my #1 pick from that category. #2 pick is the hulk cannon.

In epics, I don’t mind losing to cannoneers because those cannons are a “hit and miss” breed of weapon, literally, so I admire the skill of those players more than the weapons but, still, I think cannons are the most fair weapons at this point.

I know I’m in the minority, but I don’t really feel like many weapons seem “unfair” to me.
Closest might be when you encounter a group who are all running kapkans and kings, and who can just quickly paralyze a whole team. But even those guys are quickly countered with an interceptor or two.

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I don’t think any of them are unfair because they’re all available to everyone, and they do a really good job in making “expensive” weapons cost you to use them with the power score.

My 9400 PS sledgehammer build rarely has problems any build close to my PS with relics.

I have 4 kids.

They know not to come at me with any “that’s not fair” crap. Life isn’t fair… Certainly less fair than the weapons in this game.


In my opinion, most of the epic weapons are fair, in the next update yongwang is nerf, I think there are no overly strong weapons in epic weapons(Except for Prometheus),However, a small number of weapons remain in a weaker situation:Missile drones and missile turrets: they need some bullet resistance and melee resistance; Nest: They have a hard time actually inflicting damage on enemies;Thresher: They have large models, low durability, require a large number of accessories, and the damage is not very high.

As for why I go directly from the balance of the equation rather than fairness as you say, because the privileges that weapons have come at a price, you can avoid their strengths and attack them at their weaknesses

You sound exactly like I’d imagine a shotgun player to be

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I play pretty much everything but canons, but yeah… keep that sad “that’s not fair” whining outta my house. :joy:

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Any weapon that seemed unfair to me stopped feeling like that after I try it myself. Even lances require more skill than it seems like when you’re the victim.

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I know I’m a skipping record at this point, but hovers aside, I think this is the case for everything people whine about being OP or “easy” or unfair.

I’ve challenged multiple people here and on Reddit to prove parts are OP or “easy” by simply posting a single video showing them excelling while using them.

ZERO people have obliged.

Even if a part is “unfair” or whatever, nothing is stopping any of us from using them other than relics which truly do require cash or absurd amounts of grinding. Those aren’t the bulk of what people are people complaining about, though.

People think weapons are out of balance out of an abundance of ignorance, methinks. I get it, though… That lance build erases you with one shot, & you figure it’s unfair. You figure that because, use you’ve never patiently skulked around the map, hiding, stalking your prey… Lining up your attack… Hitting the stealth, sneaking around, then lighting those boosters!

You’re in! Gonna CREAM this dude! Then you smash into a cloaked drake spider, do minimal damage, and get wasted by the guy you were going to cream.

Two matches later, you finally cream a dude, and it feels good… It’s fun… And that dude thinks you’re a cheater using OP weapons…


The spear is a special weapon that deals damage at the cost of the weapon itself, and if a person loses all his weapons and kills me, he will only have a non-attacking hull, which sounds fair, doesn’t it?

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I think that’s the part most people don’t like about it. Just saying, maybe it would be OK if they left that part (unfairness) out of the game, just for the sake of fun, like they used to do in sports.

On the other hand, they could just inscribe that slogan on the courthouse steps and save us all a lot of time.

I’m gonna say that Retchers are pretty fair. They’re capable of inflicting very high damage, but it comes at a serious cost.

The grenades that are launched are very slow. So slow that my Humpback spider is able to dodge most of the grenades.

They’re huge and pretty flimsy, most people will quickly destroy them if they see them exposed. Encasing them in armor will restrict firing angles.

The weapon is also reliant on radiators, coolers, and ammo crates to fire for long periods of time.

They’re flashy weapons, but I don’t think they’re amazing.

Auto aim with Retchers is obscenely accurate though.

Cobras and Pythons seem fair, but many times I slaughter an unsuspecting team with them or destroy their 4 bots in the first minute and then they are doomed. But you can just flee them, ram them or shoot them, not my fault you are unaware of your surroundings or immobilized, well maybe the immobilization is my fault, I like to ram wheels off.