Fake Speedometer

Have you noticed the game saying you are going max speed uphill, but it feels like a slow crawl?
Or going downhill but suddenly your car goes faster than what the speedometer says?


The speedometer seems to be seriously broken and doesnt present you with your actual cars speed.
You can notice it alot more on heavy builds with slow movement parts.


i think it’s based on the RPM’s of your engine, hence the patch where we could brake and get full speed from a complete stop.


brake booting like gta 5 lol

Yeah it tends to show what speed you would be doing if there was no fiction, or something along those lines

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Yes, the speedometer is broken. I was doing some testing the other day on the Finwhale and it seemed it was going off of the actual speed of the car and not speedometer. They are getting their info from different sources. I also feel that leaning exceeds the max speed of the car in real game play but the speedometer will display the max speed the car is supposed to go. This is why hovers, when broken or built by design to lean were so hard to catch and still sometimes are. It’s been a forever issue probably. If you build a car with 2 Gerrida legs and give it an extreme lean it easily goes 120+ but the speedo pegs at 65, dramatically show casing the issue.


The fin whale seems to know better what speed your actually traveling. Drive a wheel build from the exhibition, get it going max speed, then do donuts. Waych the perk of the fin whale and the speedometer, youll see what i mean.

Yes. You can just take hvy ML leg build and try fortress map going middle.

like 50% speed and still speedometer will show much more.

They should fix since for ML/bigram legs it should not be issue to go 30 degree uphill…

for any other faster movement part its not so big slow-down.

Funfact: Bigram switched to wheel mode got no issue going uphill.

I think devs test every movement part in flat map -.- or only on light cabins.

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