Falling Damage

For cars driving off high places,
What do you guys think?

Or maybe even crushing damage for cars falling on top of another car? :joy:

There already kinda is, it’s collision damage, but it’s kinda similar.

Strange, i know about the collision damage when you bump into other cars, but i have never seen cars damage other cars from above when falling on them, could you elaborate please?

this isnt beamNG lol

Sorry i dont know what you mean with beamiNG, could you elaborate please?

I have a feeling you’re acting stupid, but just in case you aren’t:

beamNG is a car simulator with “realistic” physics and destruction mechanics, and a variety of maps. It’s the game you see in the bottom of Family Guy clips on YouTube shorts, if it isn’t subway surfers (sometimes it’s both!).

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Ok, sounds like something crossout devs could learn from.

Emphasis on the quotation marks. It is nowhere NEAR realistic. Minecraft has better destruction physics than beamNG

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lol, so it was just another troll post as usual?

i looked at the crushed car pic and thought of beamNG :joy:

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if BeamNG was on xbox id be playing that all the time

Falling damage exists. You just have to fall from far enough.
Do not believe me?
Make a helo, fly as high as you can, aim up, then hold throttle down.

Let me know if you survive.

Yes, you can damage cars by falling on them. It is a tactic I use with aircraft.

That’s speed death. You can replicate it by boosting into a wall. Go fast enough, you die.