Fancy a bit of free PROPAGANDA? :)

I hope you like it.

Many technical issues, Youtube nowadays it’s very Hostile to whom just want to share stuff. I miss the Youtube of older days.
Anyway, My very first video.


Cool man :slight_smile:

And yes, I too miss old YouTube.


thank you Monkey, thank you all

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Nice. The effects on the titles look great.

And yeah, YouTube kind of sucks for creators now. I have all but stopped creating content for my channel for reasons I explained elsewhere.

It looks to me like YouTube is going from a place for regular people to share videos to them wanting to compete with Netflix and or push their woke agenda. Stuff like this does not fit into where they want the platform to go unfortunately.

I’ll do more videos OT (over time).
This one is a bit rough around the edges , it was made with a hit and run kinda of thing going wrong, i spent time as much time bogged down by issues as i did making the video.

Not just woke agenda, but also because of kids.
YouTube kids don’t has much traction, all is centred in the youtube and instead of trying to get kids to a dedicated channel they are trying to level the plain field for everyone because visualizations matters.
They are distance themselves from what it used to be for.
But i think i have the solution for people like us that want just to share videos and pro YTs.
Put a 5 minutes clip in the beginning of each video from a political channel, a boring one, that will be like putting fences to little children, development an adult and universal understanding, using expressions to mask the traditional videos.
Like e.g.

Instead of
JBrider - Catalina with whatever you will see

Jbrider - 100 th commission ( because Catalina) discuss the budget (type of weapons) that will be used toward painting the outside wall of the Ministry of education