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Death Valley Raiders


In Death Valley Raiders there is a number system represented by Yards, used in the event that there is a tie of Kills gathered. The player that collects the highest consecutive run (20,30,40 or 30,40,50 or 40,50,60 or higher) wins the tie. This mechanic is known as the Tie Breaker System.

  • Consecutive Runs eligible to break a tie start at two in a row.
  • Three in a row beats Two in a Row and, in Death Valley Raiders, this constitutes an Instant Win. Any player that collects Three in a Row or Higher gains the Eagle Eye Sniper title, which is an Instant Win.


Most cards will come with two symbols: S1 and S2. When it comes to S1, players must match Three of a Kind in order to receive the given points. For S2, players must match up Four of a Kind in order to receive the multiplier bonus provided by this mechanic.


There is a Point System attached to each card, in Death Valley Raider it is Kills, and the more Kills a player gathers—in one hand—the better!


Flame Thrower , Bullets, Artillery, and Shells are the four symbols players should concentrate most on collecting as they play Death Valley Raiders. These main symbols (otherwise known as S1) are how players collect an extra bonus on top of the Kills they’ve already gathered in the valley. Players must collect at least one Three of a Kind in order to receive the points allocated on this Symbol Card. It is possible, in fact, it is wanted to be able to collect 2 sets of Three of a Kind bewteen all six cards available to each player (the Hero card and the five cards in hand).

Tires , Scrap, Armor, and Fuel are known as S2, and collecting Four of a Kind with these symbols grants the player a multiplier (as shown above).

The deck come is two parts: The Rigs and, then, the Parts. Separate the Rigs from the Parts into their own decks. Shuffle both decks and set the Rig Deck aside for now. Deal 5 cards among players and set the Parts Deck aside for now. Starting with the player left of the dealer, each player pulls one Rig from the top of the Rig deck and set it face up in front of them. Next, players can choose to Discard upto 4 cards, then, receive that many cards back from the Parts deck.

After players are satisfied with their cards, all hands are revealed. Follow the already stated rules to determine points. HOWEVER, a Rule not covered until this point is this:

If any player gets a 2 of a kind of ANY symbol, both S1 and S2, that player can pick 1 card in the opponents hand. That card must be discarded and it’s points/symbols no longer count.

Below are the Parts
Artillery Suit
Artillary 1
Artillary 2
Artillary 3
Artillary 4
Artillary 5
Artillary 6
Artillary 7
Artillary 8
Artillary 9
Artillary 10

Bullets Suit
Bullets 1
Bullets 2
Bullets 3
Bullets 4
Bullets 5
Bullets 6
Bullets 7
Bullets 8
Bullets 9
Bullets 10

Flamethrower Suit
Flamethrower 1
Flamethrower 2
Flamethrower 3
Flamethrower 4
Flamethrower 5
Flamethrower 6
Flamethrower 7
Flamethrower 8
Flamethrower 9
Flamethrower 10

Shotgun Suit
Shotgun 1
Shotgun 2
Shotgun 3
Shotgun 4
Shotgun 5
Shotgun 6
Shotgun 7
Shotgun 8
Shotgun 9
Shotgun 10

The Deck of Rigs
z Rig 1
z Rig 2
z Rig 3
z Rig 4
z Rig 5
z Rig 6
z Rig 7
z Rig 8
z Rig 9
z Rig 10
z Rig 11
z Rig 12


Looks like it took a long time to put together.

Great work sir.

Thank you

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Y’all are most welcome to it. took just about 1 year figuring it all out. The only testing it’s received is between me and my pops, so, there may still be some things I haven’t noticed about game play.

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You can look at this like being a Sniper Who’s really good downrange.

You can look at this as how you mount a weapon. You need 3 of the same suit in order to say you have that weapon mounted.

And, you can look at this part as knocking off weapons/parts of the enemy vehicle.