Faster Cap Times

What do you think about it?
Should they become permanent?

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The single natural bases shouldn’t be increased. They already time out faster than than they should triples doesn’t matter most people brawl at B anyway.

The new times are to fast. I want to fight, not win/lose to the cap.


If you think about it, it’s yet another nerf to slow builds. They can’t react to an enemy capping their base as well as fast builds can. IMHO cap should exist as a tie breaker, to decide the game when there are few players left and they are hiding from each other. In other words, the old cap times were better.


I’m winning a lot of fights by just capping. Games are faster, but capping before combat happens is boring. I say captimes should be what they used to be. Or at least only cap faster on the last minute of the game.

The game required more skill and was more action packed forcing campers and map edge riders to do more then just evade from hidden spots on the map. Actually having to care about the objective added a lot more forced fights and fun to otherwise super slow games.


I’m ok with the change. There were a few maps where people hardly pay attention to the caps because it made more sense to just attack the enemy.

I don’t see a problem with fighting instead of going to an arbitrary point to sit still

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Death match is a valid game format, but it gets a little boring for me.
Plus, I like to have a variety of things I can do if I get degunned early.