Favorite BP

So what has been your favorite BP that the game has had, if you have one, or if you would have to choose one?

For me it would be the first Syndicate BP

Excluding any balance issues and so on, let’s face it there is no update without something going insert bass boosted reverb fart sound effect, I liked the whole setting, the aesthetics, the looks of the parts, so many cool new parts, and the whole ricer/bosozoku/neon lights thing going on that was rather new to the wasteland. Game felt really alive, the new maps were nice, I just remember it as a fun time in general

Sadly the second syndicate pass (Big Chase) wasn’t that great and outside CK we did not get that great items, it felt like an afterthought rather than a proper syndicate thing

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Ah the only Pass I got a refund on because that special kid Treeburgers lied about some items…

I can’t say I really liked a battlepass that much, not enough to have a favourite

I’ve missed out on this little happening, can I get a quick rundown? I’m interested in what was lied about, but don’t feel like digging up woodbagel videos and watching through them to find out

The first (founders) season, it gave me a refreshing feeling, not only the season but quite a lot of new weapons, those green weapons, I really liked those weapons, but then it never came out that much at one time again

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Well as a fellow JDM enjoyer I liked the camber wheels, and recently they had just changed the drifting mechanics in game so that wheeled builds didn’t drift as much as before; they made it so that turning in general wasn’t just drifting.

I really enjoyed the old drift turning a lot and liked the skill of it, so when the devs were doing their stream showcasing new items with this fuckhead he was saying about how they were way more drifty and would show it off with the Jannabi etc etc

When I got the BP it looked cool so I bought the more expensive version for once, got the wheels and they were dogshit, fuckhead just lied when prompted like a good little lapdog. So I refunded it.

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My first and favorite battlepass was the one when you got the destructors (I don’t remember the name of the pass). Up until that point I had nothing really worthwhile and that really changed the game for me. It was also around that time I discovered the adventure campaign, so the destructors made a big difference in completing that.

Destructors probably was founders 2 (as the epic version was in the first one). I skipped that one because I thought everything was going to get nerfed again.

Looking back, all in all… yeah the syndicate was cool. a second best
But my favourite until now and by far…
was this one.

Crossout: “Guiding star” / animated trailer - YouTube

Holy Motors has to be my fave BP, hands-down. When XO began introducing healing mechanics and, above all else, starting the Operation series of brawls, starting with Operation: Red Light (which lead to Operation: Radiance).


Red light is my all time favorite brawl. Also a big Waltz fan but I could do without the evil looking car worship shrine the BP came with.

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Dude! Okay… SO! I saw that shrine in the BP and was all “OOOOOO, i want it!” But … after rezzing it and keeping it around for a week or so on my track, I just started to get really creep’d out by it, and I don’t know why…maybe because it breathes, I don’t really know. But I took it down and replaced it with the Tree we got from the Syndicate BP. I really like that tree much better, very peaceful!

The Sakura holo is right next to the sea mines and the car pulverizer as the best season specific garage decor. I’m also a big fan of the jump pad.

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