Favorite Crossout day brawl 2022 car(s)

What’s your favorite build? There’s a lot of them this year

My absolute overall favorite is the depressed furry (Meat grinders, 2 Rippers) I just love it

special mention to the scorpion equipped duck of doom and toilet seat car

As far as power, I’ll take the Flutes and Waltz over any other build. The machine gun build is also good. Porcs are all right if you can drive backwards. Arbiters and all drones are pretty bad in the mode.

None, this event is just bad.


Squidward. And mr slam. I also liked the vaccume cleaner and the pizza that pizza has some hot pepperoni i tell ya. Haha.

You say that about almost all the events, what type of events do you actually like then?

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Anything that doesn’t fly or crawl or go 5 kph so I can collect at least 1 drone a match before getting blown up trying? I was hoping that the “collect 7 drones” was only a one-off and the following challenge something that actually made sense ('cause looking for tiny drone thingies in a massive map while getting shot at by 40 people (feels like 40 at least) is sooo much fun…

If collecting drones (why even call 'em that) is going to be the only way to advance to the next rewards then I’m done with this event.

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This. While I loved some of the events (the old Mayhems notably), the latest ones have been…

April’s Fool had the random Levis that made some games really unplayable and random. Good idea, bad execution.
Latest Mayhem had painful builds and scoring system.
This thing has an objective that forces you to actively avoid playing the game to progress. Like wtf. I shoot thrice at people and get 5th place because most people just roam around hoping to spot a drone.

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I also like the triple Adapter build, reignited my love for the adapters
And the big tank track triple remedy is a beast, not the best build by performance but I just love how it looks

Ranked Arena was good.
The very first Mayhem event was good.

I don’t like PvE, but I do enjoy the ravenger events. The one with the eye. The first one was best.

The last April fool Levi event was ok, the rewards where good.

The very first Grounch Christmas event was good.

It seem like they do it right the first time, then they get lazy, try to make it work again but change it in a bad way.