Favourite Drone Glitched

Some players have already seen the favourite drone many times while others have been playing 24/7 without seeing it… There has got to be some kind of bug or glitch…


I still think it’s just good or bad luck on a very small % spawn chance. And even if it spawns, you might miss it that game.
I got mine on the first day but never seen one since. And I should encounter it since it should spawn for the other players who haven’t got it.

If there IS a bug, it might be (but this is a highly unlikely guess) that it doesen’t spawn for those who already got it, causing the game where someone who has it, to not spawn one. But really doubt it. It just takes A LOT of luck to get one to appear AND find it in all the chaos.

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of course you have one so you would say something like this

Well of course, :expressionless: … because I can only speculate based on my own experience of finding one.

After I picked up the drone and got my hubcap, I never found another favorite drone again, so YES OF COURSE I am speculating that once a player picks it up, it won’t show again for him, so the bug (if there is one) being that anyone who enters the map with that player can’t get the drone to spawn.

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