Feature suggestion (Game mechanic)

Enemy players should not have any indicators above them, they should only be visible on the radar. This would introduce a new kind of gameplay into the game. Payers could use the otherwise forgettable enviroment to their advantagge via camouflaging themselves among objects and such. With the exception, that the enemy player is specifically marked (spottted) by someone from the frendlies. Paints would play a big role in this. You could be a barbie car and stand out, or use camo and blend in with the rocks, bushes, trees and wrecks. But it’s also possible to make this a separate game mode as some of the maps are too big for the player count.

Might be interesting…

Nah. Keep the names. Radars are a part of the game. I like it as it is. Maybe an event with no radars sure.

Did you read the post in reverse? i never said anything about removing radars. What i meant was the dots on the minimap. i only meant that nametags shouldn’t be visible until the player kills you or he’s marked.

I’m a fan of getting rid of 3d spotting. The battles have few enough vehicles to where this is not necessary. I’m also a fan of nerfing detectors because those necessitated cloaks.

If you have no radars then you see no names. So if you want no names then you take away a big part of radar contribution, and they just become pure map.

The mini map would still work though there’s a difference. That’s the only reason I thought it was interesting.