Find a clan

I think we need a thread for people looking for clans, and for clans looking for fighters.

Post your platform and what you’re looking for!

I’ve got a one-man-band on PS4, and looking for people to help grind out challenges.
Not interested in clan wars at the moment, and also not that interested in getting on the mic.

So if you are a solo player who just wants to maximize your grind on PS4, search for 808x and apply!

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HODL on Xbox. Recruitment is set to open.


PS5 - Im not interested to do any raids bc its boring also not much interested to grind for badges but I’d like to collect some, can I jump in expecting that others will grind it all for me? :crazy_face:

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if you are on xbox, i dont care. play however/whatever you want.

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Join my clan, play whatever you want, collect badges.
Eventually we’ll find someone to do our raids for us.
One guy already joined, and he played a few raids today.

Unfortunately it is still glitched for me. Nothing I do is counting yet, even though my new clan maté’s contributions are counting. I can’t even get any “activity”.
Possibly because I just left an inactive clan right before creating this one?

so on clan settings…where did the level 30 go? it’s replaced with app?
is open for any level?


The way the new system is, unless you just don’t log in and play, you can’t stop from helping.

PvE and PvP both add to it.

Non-Cw and CW players add to it.

Our clan on Xbox is full, but when it is not then DAGZ takes new players. So if you see a spot then apply. They are mostly looking for CW players, but it is a very casual environment.

Not sure. But with the new officer system you have to give them permission to participate with rank.

So even if someone joins you don’t want just kick them. They can’t mess anything up.

i know if i give someone officer.they can recruit others.
is why i give everyone officer lol
but what i want to know is ‘why they took out level 30 eng’ to recruit ?
so now we have to recruit brand new players?
it’s a pain to look at every profile.
and give us 30 members now that ur all being forced to join a clan… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

'it doesn’t say what the ranks can and cannot do,the old system was easy(promote to officer or leave them a rookie)
but that’s not what i’m asking :upside_down_face:

'i do see i can change them back to veteran…maybe on April fools I’ll do that to everyone :crazy_face:

OK Find a clan…

How about someone say they are recuiting… I don’t understand the band/cw.

What time they usually play…

What kind of weapons…

And for heavens sake please don’t rag me about having “discord”, I don’t.

What other requirements that you want… That includes No relics…

And as mentioned in other posts… “open”… application"?? I think I understand but since this is

crossout, I have been wrong before.

On another note what happened to this:

You don’t need anything your talking about to be in a clan or band to do the challenges.

No relics or Clan Wars are needed.

RoughMonkey: I tried looking in chat but they all want Dog/Fused Scor/Porc builds and have 10k+ clan wars games??? Never been in clan wars…

If I knew how to join a band that would be great…

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sent you an invite if u want to join… :crazy_face:

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You can make a band for two hundred scrap.

I’m not in the game, should take a few seconds to find if your logged in.

Thanks… will look into it…

I was joking about this, I logged in to xo when steel champs started ,after talking a bit on gen chat with old friends I got 6 clan invites immediately, thats not a problem :crazy_face: Also Im playstation player and you know that :love_you_gesture:

I have no idea where you play.

But I understand the clan invite thing. That is why I’m in the clan I’m in. I don’t want anyone to invite me, I get spammed.

You get bananas not spam!

HODL (Hold On for Dear Life) on Xbox is open recruitment. It means if you want to join you can. Do not expect “teams” or anything formed unless you personally want to form it, for the “leader” is just going to play however and whenever he likes. This includes not logging in on a daily basis.

Nothing more is expected of any membership other than be respectful to each other if you do form groups and have fun.


My Resume:

I’m on PC, currently developing a F2P account, but I’ve played for years. Looking for a clan, or clan members (REXmachina).

I like to make things as difficult as possible for myself, nearly all of the time. That is probably why I still play this stupid game, but it is also why I am not a good clan leader, or candidate for the position.

The truth is: I’m not headed for victory. I’m barreling towards turmoil, because that’s what I distill into the gasoline of my life. It’s always been that way.

My only friends are very disturbed, shattered, and broken people. Many of whom hate each other, because they are all difficult personalities.

I don’t get along with anybody without a measure of friction, as conflict is my natural habitat, and you won’t find me anywhere it isn’t. I will make it uncomfortable, if I have to.

But, I play this game…a lot. Not just despite the fact that it sucks, but probably because it does. All of my art is born of sorrow and pain. I don’t write happy songs, but I do have a sense of humor.

The point is, I’m not going to make a reliable business partner, but I do have a consistent routine and this game is a part of it. You can count on me to run lots of PVP and plenty of copper or plastic raids. That will happen, come rain or shine.

I do actually like piñacoladas, and getting caught in the rain…

You can find me online any time of the day, night, or even the wee hours of the morning, because I only sleep in four hour shifts, but now is my officially scheduled play time.

End of transmission.