Fire & Ice

Do you think the fire and ice area effects should cancel each other out?
It sounds rather silly to be caught in both and dying from both heat and cold.
What do you guys think?

According to the devs, they do cancel each other out somewhat.
If I remember correctly, the resistance nerf of the cold and the damage buff of the heat cancel each other out, but the damage and other perks remain.
If my memory is off, please correct me!
They mentioned this in the live stream for the current season.

That is good to know thanx, but my car sure loses alot of hp when caught in both :joy:


if its enemies then ya but if its ur then idk lol ur fkd either way :rofl: :rofl:

honestly that would be really broken if they complimented one another. think about it.
being slowed by the ice and making your parts brittle.
being burned by the fire and heating your parts.

i guess they cancel eachother out to prevent a new meta from taking place.

in the end u destroy urself being slowed in ur own ice then on top of that burnt in ur own fire lol that makes for a great match, FFFFUUUUKKKK returns to lobby within 20 seconds of battle :rofl: :rofl:

especially if your running a slower build, that would just be a knock out right there. tracks, legs anything thats slow will be devoured by the combination.

The effects (heating and cooling) cancel each other. The direct damage/puddle damage still applies.

fire and ice is everything nice