Firebug CK is not working anymore

Since last update when devs changed firendly flame effects from the enemy ones CKs for firebugs and remedys lost theyr special effects they look all the same. And its just funny to me becouse not only me but lots of other players bought those CKs just for those awsome flame effects and devs just removed them what a great job. And right now the enemy still can see them but you on your own car cant. The only thing what you see is just some really bad looking flames (they dont even look like flames, just like some orange blend). And i know that the collor separation is a good idea for incinerator and mandrake and its well done but we dont need it for flamethrowers you can clearly see if its a enemy or your teammate going for you. And a great solucion would be if you add just a one simple setting where you could chose if you want the fire collor separation between teams or no. Thank you for reading.