Firedogs everywhere in clan wars! how to stop it?

Firedogs are making the game boring and less and less players want to be in clan wars. The game gets boring when 3 or 4 firedogs destroy the skills and strategies of an entire team as the game ends in 2 minutes or less. I think this game is about strategy too, playing with scorpions, cannons or machine guns should be as useful in clan wars as it was a few years ago. So my suggestion is to remove the ability of the interceptor against kapkans. Kapkans are the only way to reduce the high amount of firedogs in cw. I think it is enough that the spark or flash can destroy the kapkan. Ideally, players should not be able to carry more than 2 kapkan in order to have a balance. Interceptors must be nerfed in order to get the kapkan back to do their job against the large number of firedogs…


Firedogs everywhere in clan wars! how to stop it?



Instructions :slight_smile:

Face toward enemy and shoot.

Notes :slight_smile:

While the first one needs a weapon revising due to a change in the perk, the second one is good to go

get a giant fire hose and a massive water tank and snuff out them flames!

I’m in a clan where most players have fire dogs. They aren’t invincible. Breaker bricks with two Seals and a Chiller usually win. The fad of the day is Ermak Cab, and two Breakers attached to an Onamori with Grizzly as a co driver. This build can take a firedog to the side, degun it and then drive away.

Also, machine gun spiders handle fire dogs just fine as long as they don’t get hit from the side. Firedogs can’t take much damage, and also there isn’t any good place to hide the ammo pack and other modules on a Blight build. They are a glass cannon.

In addition, Retchers absolutely dominate fire dogs as Firedogs don’t have any degunning capabilities and Retchers are the best gun in the game except for their size and hitbox.

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I think the problem is the Blight cabin. The perk allows it to melt through anything within a few seconds.

I would love to see the perk get nerfed.

Maybe they could add a little extra mass to compensate.

I used to think that too.

Now I’m glad for the Blight and the strength of its perk. It keeps the firedogs confined to 1000HP builds that can be dispatched easily. If they switched to Beholders and Ermaks like the Arbiter bananas (and Breakers to an extent) did after they nerfed the Favorite, other wheeled builds would be even more screwed than they are now.

I’d rather have the devs buff the Blight instead of having to fight 3k+ HP Firebugs and Dracos.


Pretty sure the Daze will be a solid counter to firedogs. People keep talking about how the short range builds will utilize this module, coming in turning off your guns and murdering you while you can’t fight back.

The way I see it though? Those builds will willingly come to You, putting themselves in Daze range. You turn off the shotguns or melee, and you and/or your team murder them while they are close by and unarmed.

Of course this is all subjective to the stats of the Daze (range, activation speed, duration, energy cost, etc.) One thing I’ll be interested in is if you can do the hokey pokey with it. Get in range, bait the person to use the Daze, drive just outside of its range and then back in. Would that negate it’s effect? I suspect that it’s going to be released too strong intentionally, and then dialed back after the hype (and cashflow to the devs) dries up.

Another point with the Daze: (and this’ll probably be a lesser appreciated niche) If you are in a fast wheel build, and a dog tries to Daze you, you should simply outrun him in theory. A Spark/Flash could negate this, but not if you are in a Kami build or a bubble wheel build (assuming you have nothing sticking out of the rear of the bubble for the Flash/Spark to grab). Being that I mainly play a double bubble wheel build, the Daze will likely be a nerf to dogs that try to run it. Unless of course it disables modules. If it disables modules as well…well f* me lol.

Tl;dr- Firedogs will be muzzled when the Daze comes out.

Good point. Beholder is thee most versatile cabin in the game while the Ermak is absolutely disgusting. I was thinking that nerfing Blight would make movement parts like Armored Tracks more attractive.
I hate how those stupid firedogs can face tank mammoth rounds with ease and laugh while they quickly burn you to death.

And that is exactly why I’m not looking forward to this module. It will only be matter of time before some genius develops an extremely efficient way to use it. Everyone will be using this module.
Rush builds might use it. I have theory that heavy cars using Ermak cabin could drive into a group of enemies and activate the module to momentarily disable their guns.

How about in Levi wars when a Sausage levi is doing a drive by? You get a dedicated Flash/Spark/Aegis build, through a Daze on it, and then plow and hold an opposing levi for three seconds while your levi blows it up.

Kapkans do not affect the levi. That sets precedent for this module potentially not affecting levis. I honestly would bet it doesn’t affect levis by new year’s. But I could see them releasing it where it does affect the levi for now, because that would make it a must have P2W item tbh. It’s sad we see the games they’ve played and preemptively think about the ways they’ll do it time and time again.

But like Kurt Cobain said, “Just because you’re paranoid…don’t mean they’re not after you.” xD