Firefight brawl

All in all this is a nice brawl, the builds are nice, the map is ok, nothing bad to say about it

Except the unsportsmanship behavior thingy, any time you fall off the map you get blocked from playing the game mode for 5 minutes no questions asked how you ended up off of the platform, i does not matter if you backed off by accident, if an enemy bumped you down, if it was the recoil from your own gun or the punch from an enemy’s if you fall down you’re getting blocked. And the times when it’s 2 vs 2 rather than 3 vs 3. Or when you end up with uneven teams because crossout programming. But then again that’s all brawls usually

How do you all feel about it?

Played 6 of them, won the first, lost the rest. Just don’t have the reflexes I had 40 years ago. But yeah, overall a cool brawl.