Firestarter and Lunatics part resistance!

Lunatics and Firestarter’s needs more love with part resistance.

Lunatics and Firestarters feel very under done compared to the other factions why? These are changes that should happen to make the parts from these factions feel more on par with the other factions.


After the changes that should be done!

The devs explained why : Those parts are already played a lot. They have an insane durability to mass ratio so there is no reason to use other pieces as long as you are not forced to by the limit of 80 pieces hitting before you reach your mass limit. Usually the heavier the faction the less parts of that faction you want to use. This is intentional design but it seem that the balance tips a bit too much in favor of light builds compared to heavy builds because of that (their durability to mass ratio is a bit too good compared to heavy builds). Because they don’t want to just increase the durability of heavier pieces which would make many factions feel too similar they buffed resistance. Doing so allow heavier builds to choose which type of damage they want to counter. If you want to counter specific damage types with a light build you will have to sacrifice a bit of that durability efficiency for a less efficient piece but that is specifically more efficient against one or two types of damages.

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Still kind of looks a big crazy difference from lunatic / fire starter compared to the others. Since there raising everythings resistance why not really a little more boost. IDK just seems slightly short changed :stuck_out_tongue:

I get there lighter weight builds and stuff but just seems like a tiny boost since everything else is getting one would be nice. Firestarters is made for thermal damage dog fights. Seems like just need a bit more resistance. Ill check it out more the new changes.

Honestly I wouldn’t mind them to nerf damage of every single weapon in the game by like maybe 10% to make all the vehicles a bit longer lasting.

Blud, everything else is a sort of armor. Lunatic parts are pipes and wire mesh. Explain to me why pipes and wire mesh should have the same damage resistance as armor plating and spacecraft parts.

I’m excited about the resistance changes. Makes our armour options more interesting, and gives us more factors to experiment with.

I’m probably one of the few that turn to heavy armour pieces first, because even though their mass/durability ratio wasn’t good, the size/durability ratio was good, which allowed me to get more HP into small vehicles.
Now that those parts have more resistance, my small fast cars should be able to tank damage a lot better.

I’m glad they changed only resistances, as that means that no one needs to rebuild too much if they don’t want to.

Well the bullet damage because of the pipes more gaps to shoot threw on lunatics for one and explosive because the shockwave from the blast has no resistance because its just pipes and things too. So the explosion honestly should pass threw it too and hit the cab.

And for FireStarters there flamers so just felt they need thermal resistance,

I do question some of the 0’s for energy resistance any metal part should be conductive. So to me that portion of the listing is a little off. I think by default they should just have all of them at 10% or above for electrical res.

Ok then, all lunatic parts should have 90% passthrough because they’re only pipes. Lunatic parts would become unplayable, because you’d always hit the cabin, resulting in a fast death.
And last time I checked, hot rod parts (what Firestarters seem to use) aren’t usually made to stand high heat levels.

I think you’d have to establish first what gauge steel they are using first for the majority of the construction and then try to look at sample tests via vids or other stuff kind of like this:

I wouldn’t want them to be too realistic with it but as it is a fantasy combat game but there should be some sci backing to how systems work though.

Pipe frames have huge holes, very easy to shoot through.

They still often have supporting structures and or backing plates though which shouldn’t be ignored completely.

Keep in mind I’m mostly referring to 0 values as being unrealistic even in a fantasy game.

90% passthrough isn’t completely ignoring them.

lol i would be okay with like 8% to 12% passthrough on lunatics parts, but the bullet resistance would be okay too to simulate passing through damage with out being passthrough.

That would be really be too high. I could see them giving them maybe 10%.

cough cough frame parts cough

They mostly have theirs from early melee tests.


It’s funny though I still really like the idea of heavy frames though it idea has been rejected many times.

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I would love maybe double thickness frames is what I was thinking about to add new connection points for wheels up or down one / other movement parts too.