First look into frostbite assault!

I looked again at the vid. At 11:24 the guy test ice then fire. The ice overlay seem to vanish instantly when fire is reached and the car switches from blue to red fairly fast. It may be that fire straight up wins and instantly removes the ice debuff and start stacking. But that is not entirely clear. Testing must be done.

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I watched both of the vids there were some spots where they were showing the slowing effects while in the fire/ice combo and it didn’t look like it was changing like that. Going just by looks on the build it could easily just be the colors clashing. It’s hard to tell.

I thought he said the slowing effect still works when fire and ice are overlapped, but the resistance debuff is cancelled out by the damage buff.
But not certain.

Would not surprise me if they continue to tweak how fire and ice interact.

I’ll take another look later, I’ve seen enough of them already today. lol

The Narwhal being a turreting cannon is a huge disappointment, if it’s got Elephant-accuracy it could still be useful for what I had in mind for it, but if it’s anything like fat-man then yeah rip to all my ideas involving a narwhal

I don’t think they showcased the cabins perk really at all on how it does,or with the weapons everyone will try pairing it up for the extra impulse. Boom boom ok perk is active and now I activated it and I missed a shot and then attempted to shoot at a damage sphere whoopsie poopsie, even if we showcased it in much more detail in the russian stream, what a joke.

And then those crafting recipes, yikes cringe L F oof rip and so on

This is an interesting battlepass. The engine is an absolute game changer. +35 KPH? I thought my fused + speed Oppressor was fast at +24KPH.

How is this going to work? What happens when a 2 Harvester 1 Icethrower Phobos Yoko Ice dog smashes into the side of a levi at 110 KPH? Will this lead to instant Levi deframing?

Then there is the cloak. How will this work in Levi wars? I can see a player cloaking, shooting a Levi, then re cloaking for the entire match. What defense is there to this style of play other than machine guns and AC spam and Verifiers?

Then there is the resistance to everything stick that eats all shots and weighs 184 KG. This creates more problems than it solves. Like: Do I put it in front of my guns or my engine? I want this.

The new cabin looks cool too. Using the new cabin with my Starfalls sounds awesome and I imagine there is going to be some serious Reaper, Toadfish, and cannon shennanigans with it.

The Icethrower seems like the most promising new weapon to me. Its going to allow saws to finally cut through movement parts and bumpers. In the past, with saw builds, spiders are where you went to die. You hit the front train plow, the spider starts shooting you with Reapers and pushing you so you can’t escape, and 8 seconds later you are dead and the spider has a fully intact train plow and has taken no damage.

Maybe that’s going to change. Also, the Icethrower has excellent durability. I don’t like the size of it though.

The cannon looks weak to me. It seemed like it could be cool at 4-5 energy as a damage booster for other weapons, but at 6 energy, 125 damage per shot this looks like a marshmallow shooter.

For me, give me that engine, the resistance to everything stick, and give me a couple of Icethrowers to screw around with, and I’m happy. The cloak and the engine might drag me back into levi wars as these modules seem to make the players more of a serious participant and not just as distractions while the boss levis fight it out.

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It has projectile speed for the upgraded version I can’t imagine it being too sloppy. I even like the fat-man with projectile speed upgrades and I use to call them sloppy shooters.

It ramps up though 20% dmg bonus with 5x stack to 100% dmg bonus. I don’t think it would be that bad with 2x of them 2-3x hits to get 80 to 100%.

I thought it was interesting that they said it won’t work with cheetah. Was kind of hoping it would.

That’s what I was thinking about trying it with at first. Though I am kind of curious about how it will do with slower projectiles too as it has projectile speed as part of the activated bonus.

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