First look into frostbite assault!

Survivors! The new season “Frostbite Assault” goes live this week! And it means this is the time for livestream!

We will show you some new features during livestream on our YouTube and Twitch channels! See you tomorrow, February, 6 at 14:00 UTC


Starts in a little under an hour:

Do to the russian stream, the market is already destroyed.

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Somehow doesn’t surprise me, do we have a copy of what they streamed to them yet?

I see this one but it hasn’t started yet:

Someone was posting the stuff on the offical discord.

Therms, pyralids, summators, piercers, and a few others where needed. those are the only ones Ican remember.

found the post

I have what I need to craft the ice mortars and at least 1 of the booster fuel tanks.

Always seems like this happens. The Russian one just started.

Its because the russian stream goes live 4 hours before the US one.

Anyone have the stats on the new legendaries?

Not in english, so waiting for stream.

Their stream just started, those leaks had to come out before it even started.

Just started:

Legends only didn’t cap the others yet:

Confirmed Is a turret cannon.

Didn’t show the starts from the cryo-thrower (flame thrower like one.)

Ice flamethower:

Epic snow ball launcher:

The fuel cell:

Interesting, looks like fire and ice weapons cancel out each other’s perks. It was a little hard to understand what they were saying about that, but that’s how I understood it.

The ice weapons cancel resistances and stacks a little dmg rather then canceling each other out. The stacking isn’t to an extreme though. Like say you hit a bastion with the ice weapons it loses it’s front resistance bonuses and makes it more susceptible to the fire dmg.

That was the confusing part, as they also said you can’t really use flamethrowers with the “icethrower”.

It was unclear what was broken English and what they intended to say.

The way I understood it, their damages will perfectly stack as well as the perk of the weapons. It’s specifically the fire and frost effect (respectively doubling damages and reducing resistances to 0 that will cancel each other). Technically yes you can use ice to remove some resistance before applying fire but you could have used fire from the start… removing the 50% resistance or adding 100% more damages are basically the same. Plus after the first damages, the fire weapon will start removing the debuff before (or while, I don’t know yet) applying it’s own. So fire and ice are not a great mix. (if I understood everything correctly)

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I think your interpretation is correct.

The cannon and the engine are the most exciting parts for me, although the mortar is definitely interesting.

That part it didn’t sound like it but the rest I’d agree with. We’ll find out soon enough though.