First thing that came in mind when you first discovered Crossout?

When you first heard or saw this game, What did you think of it? What got you interested?

When I first realized Crossout (thanks to a friend), the first thing that came in mind was the Mad Max movies, and the old school games Vigilante 8 mixed with Twisted Metal of course.

I have been addicted to it ever since!

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In my younger days, I played a computer game called “Autoduel”, for hours on end. Similiar concept to Crossout. Took place in the “future”, with a map covering the northeaster United States. You got a starter car, earned money by fighting with it in arenas or on the road, ran delivery errands to earn more money, working your way up to better cars & weaponry. Through the years, I’d go back and play it on modern pcs using emulators.

30 years later, I was playing World of Tanks/Planes/Warships. One day I was reading the forum, and there was a topic where someone was fed up with WOT (sound familiar?) and was asking people to recommend similar games, and another poster mentioned Crossout. I tried it out; it was exactly what I wanted, and haven’t left since. Much better crowd here too…in World of Tanks, I had over 700 people on my blacklist (the limit is 2,000). Here, only 3 or 4 are on it.

I still go back to Wot/Wows every so often, but am here 99% of the time.


I 1st saw Crossout as its ads were flooding Youtube. It didn’t grab me then. It wasn’t until about 2 years later when I saw a JB rider video featuring the 1st Engineers Battlepass, still, I was like…eehhhhh. I don’t really know what made me jump in other than the tag line, Craft, Ride, Destroy. 3 of my favorite things to do in life all rolled into one game. It was my 1st 30 minutes in the game when I said to myself, “WHY DID I NOT START PLAYING THIS GAME EARLIER???”

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The movies of Mad Max, crossout really gave me a vibe of that :metal:

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The first time I saw the name Crossout I downloaded it, but I never opened it until one year later, I was kicking it with one of my close friends when he asked me what games I had. When I scrolled, he saw this game and asked me If the game was fun, but I told him I had never opened it. When I did, I was hooked right away. One of the things that caught my attention more besides a large variety of parts was, the fact that you can set up the chassis how ever you want. I like the action and battling all types of ppl on different PS, makes this game one of the best.

I have never heard of Autoduel but it sounds fun. Im wondering if you ever Played Vigilante 8 Second Offense? You could unlock a hidden character that happen to be a Martian with a flying saucer and drove pretty fast and had a great special attack

That movie Mad Max Fury Road is one of my favorite. Ive seen some players make cars from that movie. Amazing how skillful and creative many players can be

Mad Max

Hehe that music car with the guitar guy in front was the best :laughing:

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That guitar guy made the bad guys look more badass. He inspired them into battle, I like that!!

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I started this game few months after open beta started, my first impression was cool relaxing game, then after getting to a high enough level I was like oh nice over competitive goons grunting too much not so relaxing, then it’s now to the point I think hope the devs don’t start charging to open the game app each time :crazy_face:

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My son turned me on to it. He knew I liked art programs and the post-apocalyptic theme.

It was the coolest RC car simulator I’d ever seen. Turning on the head-lights and seeing the brake-lights work seemed amusing all by itself. Then I discovered the paints and build feature. I knew I was down with the sickness at that point, and there would be no going back.

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I went from a 20 minute per match to a 3 minute per match.
40 seconds or slightly more to go from Spawn to the caps or to even to spot the adversary to have games around 1 minute.
From having turtleback armour and hundreds of millimetres of belt armour to have very wobbly builds.
From 155 mm, 380 mm and 406 mm guns to peashooters.
From having a radar was a luxury to see builds covered in radars.

I didn’t have time to see the minimap, didn’t know where i was and what to do.

But there isn’t campers

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When I first came a cross it, it reminded me of some of the older games that I use to make stuff for like dream car racing.

I use to make them a lot of skins for the parts. It later turned into a 3d project but I didn’t follow along with it.

Adding combat to it was just like a bonus… :smiley:

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My friend recommended it a second time nearly a year after his first recommendation. I was drunk and bored, so i gave it a shot. I jumped in the starter truck and fell in love with MGs on the spot. Been playing almost 6 years and ive mained exclusively MGs the entire time. Even during the Typhoon stunlock age. I had 12 damage-a-bullet MGs vs the most pure OP meta this games ever seen at top PS. Now people whine that they are OP, and maybe they are (more to do with Omamori and horseshoe builds than the guns themselves). But i did my time when they were wet cardboard long enough i feel no shame xD


I did that to my cousin but he quit after some of the cannon nerfs. He fell in love with the big spider cannon builds.

Same, I like it that you could paint each part individually, I also liked the variation of stickers and how stickers can rotate along with moving parts etc. The fact that there is an exhibition mode and Art builds is awesome. Ive seen so many good art builds

Thats really cool how you can modify so much on that Dream Car Racing 3D. I have never seen it before

It was a small game that never took off but it was a neat one for design skills. On the 1st one I use to spend hours chatting with the dev making new wheels and figures for the car base. I even did beast boy in a hotrod in rat fink style.

Pricing out builds in that game was like buying rods, struts, engines, cabs, wheels and you could stretch them out. It’s similar but at the same time very different at the same time

It’s one of those reasons I question the physics in the game often. It was also a Rus dev that made that too.

The 3d one you can still get on steam btw: Dream Car Builder on Steam

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My first reaction was this it was everything I wished Lego had been when I was a kid.
I get to build things, and then blow them up! Hurray!


Back then my friend and I would play WoT as a “between the games game”… so between big releases we would grind and chill on that… So when we found Crossout it was like a faster game with endless customisation and creativity. So just a better version of what we were already playing.

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