First time in a long time!

Half hour to spare! No naps! No sleep!
I also completed 10 Electronic Raids, 10 Plastic Raids and 6 Easy Raids!

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Congratulations, I think…

I don’t even look at that stuff any more.

I just play when I want and do what I want when I play.

Don’t let the game play you.

Get some fresh air, this stuff is not important.


I love the outdoors!


I failed to make my point. Previously, I farmed all three limits every week. Now, I have to skip sleep to do so.

So it’s even worse…

Protip for increasing your account value exponentially: Never ever do raids. Instead, take the hours and hours you spend doing them, go to work instead, come home and spend the extra cash you earned on the weekly discounted packs.

People who grind this game who are able bodied are fools. If you’re not able to work, that’s one thing. But phone operators can work from home across the globe nowadays, so I don’t even know if able bodied counts anymore as an excuse. If you have the time to play this game for 40 hours, why not work (be productive) for 8 of those hours, support the game you play, and also end up with a ton more in-game value. It’s a true win-win-win unless you are one of the new-age people who think only half the population needs to work…so they can stay home.

Again, exceptions apply. There are people who simply can’t contribute to society, and they have their own problems that I hope they find answers to. But there are those that can contribute, who don’t, and ironically are holding themselves back. Some of these problems are systemic and generational, and when that’s the case it’s abhorrent.


Yikes man, that was a weird rant.

Some of us work full time, but don’t make that much money, and live in expensive cities. And some of us don’t hate grinding, because grinding just means playing the game, and playing the game is fun.

Getting a new item is an extra thrill, but playing games (ie. grinding) is what makes it really fun.

I rarely play raids because they aren’t as fun as missions, but others enjoy raids more and play a lot of them.

I don’t hate on those that buy their way to big inventories, but no need to shame those of us that grind as being lazy losers or whatever you were trying to get at in that rant.


My rant did hit on a few different levels, but all mostly on the same point.

But tying into what you said, I specifically didn’t mention PvP. Because that is what this game is about, and that’s where the fun lays. Put 40 hours there all you want. It’s your freetime and your hobby.

Also tying into what you said, I get the cost of living and wages, etc. If your bills are paid, and you put dozens of hours into the game after that, then obviously you have the extra hours available. Speaking from a strictly mathematic standpoint, gains ÷ time = profit. It’s the reason people choose to do frontier defense or leviathans, and avoid certain raids altogether. They want to maximize profit for their grind. Well, same concept, except factor in the potential to pick up another shift at work. You’ll never grind faster than making IRL money, even at IRL minimum wage.

So why make the entire post at all? The guy has said he hits max resources every week. This week he literally said he had to skip sleep to grind. At that point, you’re not doing it for the pure joy of playing. So I threw out all the above.

But another point was more or less saying I’m acting like everyone who doesn’t work 6 days a week to pay 1 day’s wages to XO is a lazy loser. Absolutely not. That’s the extreme way of grinding if you truly had your heart set on some short term gains, like buying 1200 uranium during a fusion event for your favorite relic, but only had a two week window, for example.

But there are people who literally stay at home, perfectly capable of going to work, who don’t have to because they are somewhere where their bills are paid and they would rather not have to be bothered with contributing to society. This is an admittedly weird part, but it’s 100% accurate. I had a dear childhood friend who was a good kid growing up. He got into drugs, knocked his girlfriend up in senior year, both of them dropped out, got government housing, food stamps, the whole nine yards, plus a $500 welfare check from the US government. He started selling pills, intentionally had 2 more kids so he could collect over $1200 in welfare checks, and bragged about it. He never tried to get his GED, a job, a life. To this day he sits at home and does that exact thing he’s been doing for over a dozen years. Not contributing a thing to this world and is proud of it.

The overarching, correlating-to-crossout point of that last paragraph? Some people would rather do little to nothing at all and have nothing to show for it, than have to be bothered putting in some work, because it’s an easier and more comfortable way to live. If someone fits that description, I feel sorry for them. Not looking-down-on-them sorry, empathetic sorry for them not having a better role model growing up.

The OP skipping sleep to grind this game is just not healthy no matter how you cut the cake. Maybe he’s got a mental disability and there’s more to the story. I don’t know, I try not to assume because you never know what the whole story is until you do. That’s why I didn’t see out my original rant to attack him.

Monkey’s second reply was a more pointed attack. I just used it all to broach my feelings on a larger, but potentially related matter. Then you subtly attacked my character. You read into it wrong and missed my points, imagining I meant to apply the “work 8+ hours to pay your video game” to every single situation or your a lazy PoS. Not my point then, isn’t now.


You’re still coming across as a giant weirdo who has some unresolved issues with your former friend.

To be clear, it’s also weird to skip sleep to grind, but that wasn’t the focus of your post.


Dhawk just stop before u go full nutjob on us…

People are soft nowadays. I said my piece, sorry you felt attacked poony. And tenshi, well played with the shade from the sidelines. Always on time, always low-octane. How’s CWs going for you nowadays? Oh…right…nvm.

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Why are u like this?

GGs sir, great reply

I do 10 Electronics, 10 Plastic and 6 Easy Raids, that 5-6 hours over 7days with free fuel and many Engineer Badges and the Scrap Reward for Daily challenges and 40/40 Daily Challenges for more Badges. I never play more than 5 Raids in 24 hours, I hate Raids.
I work enough 5 days a week, have not missed a day in years, missed not one day during the lock down, plus one hour commuting for 55 hours a week spent on working, that is more than enough although I used to work 70 hours when I had more dependents.

People who went to Spring Break and Sturgis and Movie Theaters and Restaurants were fools!
I went home after work and had stuff delivered to my porch for 2 years and played Cross Out.
Cross Out is free! I could lose a fortune betting online.
I could get infected and die like my 30-year-old nephew from some Chinese germ warfare.
I farm the Resources as a goal to keep me interested in grinding. The grind has slowly increased over and over again since open beta! That was my point!
Missing a couple of weekend naps is not harmful! I do not nap Monday through Friday! Staying up a couple hours one night cause queue times were low and Missions quick and I was on a roll and not tired yet will not harm me either!
I still get stuff delivered and do not go see Thor or Doctor Strange! I just wait for them to stream! I get exposed to people enough at work! They closed Church for 18 months! I could not visit my parents for 18 months waiting for vaccines!
I play Cross Out; Cross Out is safe and exhilarating!

Also, there are more workers than good jobs! Many states do not have enough jobs for their population! Rural areas!
Mountains! Hills! No work! No coal mines! Nothing for miles! My nephew moved to South Dakota, learned to rig oil, 2 years! Comes home unemployed! Now inflation and war, just great! Slave your life away to have health insurance!
Each generation worse off than the one before since the baby boomers! 2 income households! If you call living on welfare living, while remaining honest, then you must live very poorly! Criminals come from all income brackets! The biggest criminals are rich or powerful!

Man, i saw this yesterday, and my mood today forces to reply to that.

1 - your friend has it all and not only that but also combined the rock and roll mantra with a piece of the American dream in a small scale

2 - we already contribute for society it’s called taxes

3- work? don’t get me started. A 9:00H to 17:00h job that’s never 9:00h to 17:00h it’s longer than that most of the times, a small number of hours that never gets paid because reasons and when you draw their attention to that fact it was a keyboard error…or fat fingers.

3 - Production … you get what you paid my friend.

those people like your friend and the ones you are trying to roast, those are the intelligent people, they know how to ride this thing.
All the able-bodied morons , those who are productive and contribute to this society…well they could be smarter and more intelligent

dick hawk, you know what im here to say, alas, it shall remain unspoken.

a real north american drama this forum seems to be, fascinating. doc the savage come in here and confront lord tutor about the covid conspiracies you like to rant about. youve done your own research “as best” as you can, but it seems he could tell you about some other conspiracies. should be interesting. also, damn america is hurting as a society, continously astounding from a european view.

and lord tutor, i remember seeing you and your insane in game hours years ago, thinking youre some shared account or something. but you are the real deal, bit weird, but goddamn you schooled dickling hawk so hard here.

made him look like a complete fool and nutjob by simply making your case and letting him speak, wp.

Probably one of the most sensible things ever said on this forum. I hope you learned your lesson.

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You’ve lost your edge. “Dick hawk” and generic European-over-American air of superiority? Hard to even get a rise with such lowbrow offerings as that. I remember a time where you had good satire, and gumption, a true hatred burning from your belly. Now it just seems like forced drivel while you’re taking a shit at work. Boring.

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Hi everyone ! Let’s stay nice and polite between each other, guys !


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