First world problem ( need a hand)

At the moment i am like an assembly line.
I have several designs waiting for a final tweak, but as i’m waiting for new parts or getting more and diverse weapons i’m spiting builds like there was no tomorrow.
At this precise moment i’m getting a new weapon from workpieces, working to get a full set, due to a momentane shortish of scrap metal once that is done i will build another build.
I have the concept in my head.
I already have a name for it. Ohka or Baka, it all depends if you ask a Japanese or an American guy.
I only need 2 red circles. what will be the best way? and if it’s a sticker, which one?

Because they came in different colours and i’m undecided i want your opinion on.

  • you should paint it white
  • you should paint it green
  • you should paint it turquoise
  • you should paint it orange and white

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This is entirely up to you, it is recommended to try each color, no need to ask others, but you mention the green, I remembered again that the game does not have a good-looking lighter green spray paint


Make sure to paint all the explosive bits a bright orange. Give yourself a real challenge!

I will paint the explosive bits red if i paint it white.
I’m following (the best i can) the colours of II WW planes.
My storm chaser ( Hawks build) follows the same colour theme as the Red Tails P-51 Mustang.
This one will follow the Japanese variation of the German V-1 .
If i paint it orange, the under belly will be white

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