Fix matchmaking! team vs... no team! 80% of the time!

Since the new patch, we have a HUGE problem! Teams no longer face other teams! 80% of the time, in normal games, regardless of the power score, we fall in games with one team on one side and none on the other! Look like the clans [OFF] and all its sub divisions, [ARC] and sub divisions and [B3KR] have understand that!

I have no problem losing to a team as long we have one on our side too! I’m so sick of this new seal clubbing!

You don’t believe me ? In your next games check if there is a team clan on one side and if there one on the other!

As protest, when i’m with a team on one side and none on the other… I QUIT AND RESTART!
Don’t blame me! Blame the Lazy Devs! they are the one charging us for BS with half-done job!

My 2 cents!


I Personally enjoy fighting VS full clan teams - it keeps my skills sharp.

BUT I feel your pain and I think that more people are in your boat then mine.

I also believe that something should be done for teams. Putting them in a Team vs Team que and filling the rest with randoms seems fair to me.

If they want to be in a team then they can wait to be qued and keep fighting the same other teams over and over like the rest of us have to.


That’s my point! MM should put team vs team (even if they have a longer queue time ) in normal battles.

Now, I see teams of 3 or 4 versus no team on the other side at all.

Keep the clan wars IN the clan wars battles! NOT in normal ones!

Jeez! We have to tell the devs everything! Do they even play their own game ? I doubt it!

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how exactly did you learn that the previous groups vs groups mm has been suspended? by looking for clan tags and short circuiting no clan tags = no group?


Squads can be quite over powering.

Do I want Squad play changed over it? No.

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So you say that several players with strong abilities team up, how should they solve it?

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You have the option to form a team also. It is your choice not to.

Do not penalize other players that play co-operatively because you choose not to. That is your choice. They are making theirs.

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I get what your saying here and as mentioned before I personally like fighting against teams.

But to tell someone the below is kind of Harsh

This would be like telling the “fish” that they should love being in the “Barrel” and they should not try to jump out because they would ruin the fun of the fishermen.

Their abilities deserve to win, but this can affect the mood of other players, and one solution is to match them with equally good players or simply match them with higher PS
This is not fair in one respect, but it may have to be done for a better gaming environment

Or Match them VS another team as the original poster suggested.

If they group up and have skills they should want to be qued VS other teams? No?

I’m not sure, I don’t team. I would just have to figure that clan teams would get bored without a challenge. I mean, shooting fish in a barrel puts food on the table, but it is far from a sport.

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The current approach is team-to-team matching, the disadvantage is that the matching time is too long, and then the team with fewer or less capable people is defeated, resulting in fewer people teaming up, and then only strong players are left to team up, and then the match is longer

When they had the choice to be a fish in the barrel or not to start with? I don’t follow this logic.

Spam the invite button. You will meet people you want to play with (and those you don’t! :laughing:).

are you on pc ps or xbx Foehn?

I get you man. As mentioned before, I don’t have a problem with teams.

But I do understand why someone would be frustrated by always being teamed up VS teams.
It should be a few simple lines of code that could help.

And if teams get longer que times, then just like your saying it is the choice of the fish to be a fish - it is also the choice of the fisherman to be the fisherman.

On Xbox this is my observation:
The people that play in squads have their own PS they play in. These have naturally filtered with the best squad choosing their ps bracket… then the next best another one and so forth. When the “best” squad changes brackets… all the others do too.

You will rarely ever see Squad vs Squad on Xbox at any PS (not counting 13k+ where a lot of CW players play especially on cw days while waiting to be rotated in) because of this natural filtering over time. Most squads don’t really want to face other squads because they want the easy fast wins for farming. The player base is small enough to allow this process.

And this process will continue to make the game population smaller.

I’m all for the strong punishing the weak, I personally always thought “Smokem if you gotem”

I also believe that if the game lets you do something then your 100% ok to take advantage of that thing till the dev team changes it.

But, as a person of sound mind and body, I do know that the long time players in this game are the worst thing for this game. We destroy it willingly.

Now… you can’t really blame the player 100% because this is the condition the dev team has put the game in. If you make the game a mega grind, then people will find ways to make that grind less on themselves.

So :slight_smile: since all of this is on purpose and in the dev teams business plan, it will never be changed.

Interesting conversation though.

we think the same way on it at the base level.

I am not willingly destroying it. It’s completely by accident, just like when I mvp. :wink:

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Most of my Crossout playtime is during the day on Mondays and Tuesdays, which I think gives me a different experience than most people. Seems like I’m playing with a lot of late night Europeans during my morning sessions, and more casual North American players in the afternoon.
But when I do get a chance to play on weekends, it’s a completely different vibe. Lots of squads, way more meta builds, and a lot more seal clubbing if I check out low PS.

I sometimes wonder if I would still love the game as much as I do if I didn’t work most weekends, and had a more normal gaming schedule.

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Is it possible that they are teaming up, but their ability and cooperation are not good, which makes you not think that there are team members in your team?

just for giggles… :rofl:

i think the op wants to get rid of ‘making groups’ in pvp and keep it just randoms…
that would be the only solution to this topic…


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