Fix-PvP Match scores

this was not a rush,it was on bridge map.seems like the hundreds number is missing.
i know i scored at least 250 points shooting dead still player then running around shooting their turrets and them.
but this scoring happens once in awhile,and it’s just so wrong.anyone been seeing this too?..

Yeah. That’s what happens when your whole team kills none of the enemy team…and fails to do much damage while they were at it.

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Yep, you don’t get any points unless they die

is funny imbecil system hiding my posts instantly !!! THIS IS CZECH FLAG!!! not RUS noobs!!!

You cry for noob team? I play 9k VS 13k ps … is funny if enemy are soviet pigs on my EU only server!

Darken be crazy AF.

system and kids are crazy dude, from start this crap forum all think, my flag is RU and report everything what i write, 99% hidden

i think its more about you yelling about everything.just relax n be nice.

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Now darken is going around spam reporting people out of spite.

this happens even in games won, I kill 4 rivals and barely get 700 points and the rest of my team does not exceed 100 points. playing at 16000 ps

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