Fix PvP

Right know PvP its all about lowe power score fighting as end game PvP is pointless and this rework of rewards would be good for end game PvP and new players.

The change idea to fix PvP
Changing The reward for higher power scores example.
0-1k power score 10 Scap
1-2k power score 20 Scap
2001-3k power score 30 Scap
3001-4k power score 40 Scap
4001-5k power score 50 Scap
5001-6k power score 60 Scap
6k-7k power score 70 Scap
7-8k power score 80 Scap
9-10K power score 90 Scap
10k plus power score 100 Scap.

This reward rework would Push end game players to stop fighting lowe power score farming new players,also would help fix the power score match making as you can put bots in and base the PvP sistom to put players in a 1k power score margin.
So a 7850 power score would fight players and bots from 7001 to 8000 power score instead of players at 7k fighting 10k power score.

Also Please add more bots to PvP so theres only a 30 second wait time in a match example.

You join a PvP match and u jump into a solo lobby you with bots on both teams and players have 30 seconds to join in or its just you and 5 bots vs 6 bots. This would make the game alot more alive as waiting 3 minutes to find a match gets boring and making players quit. Evey match has nearly 3v3 bots so just add more bots so we can play more then waiting

Thank you

No, all this does is make people force builds into brackets they do not belong. Just because you play up there doesn’t entitle you towards more rewards.

It is equal so that you can enjoy the game at any powerscore.

The higher reward you gain from higher PS is both CC and Clan Wars.

is the ‘R’ in Scrap Silent ? :crazy_face:
‘said in old western cowhandler voice’''gonna get me some scap-you’ll see,some day i’ll make it happen… :rofl:

I don’t play PvP, but from what I can gather, no one wants more bots, if you want bots play PvE.

All this would do (that I can think of) is make all the noobs bloat their PS for more mats, and lose a lot more, making them mad so they leave.

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