Fix your lag in operation radiance targem/gaijin

As the title of this topic clearly states, operation radiance is ridden with lag, and I can tell it’s not just me either if you see someone randomly doing a circle turn or randomly trying to drive up a wall I can almost guarantee that’s lag from experience. it’s one thing to be teamed with drunks playing this game but you can’t see Russian home-grown lag when it’s invading your gameplay. My annoyance went from drunkards to Ruskie lag… if it’s due to the mode being popular easy fix buy more bandwidth while this mode is going on, not like you guys can’t afford it, I assume you don’t blow all the revenue from all the money from this game on Vodka and Borscht or bribe money not to be drafted…
Cause when this mode first came out I can say 90% of the time I got infected it was my fault 10% drunkards now that’s not the case, it’s 70% invasive Russian lag assaults 5% drunkards, and 25% my own fault.
In the first iteration of this mode I literally only lagged a hand full of times throughout the availability of the mode.
So even with your Vodka addiction and bribes to your government, I think you still have enough for more bandwidth
and I don’t wanna hear it’s not on our end … kinda like groping a woman and going to the judge well it wasn’t a bad experience for me so it didn’t happen… :fu:
STOP ruining a once great game mode with your laziness and ineptitude…

Alco break is done get to work!
:poop: :clown_face: :rofl:

yesterday my lag got so bad in 1 match that i had to watch myself get infected 10 times , it just kept looping , then watch myself respawn several times across the map without the ability to move

I get the driving straight then all the sudden my vehicle circle turns into a ravager or off the bloody bridge, also randomly stops in place while I’ve pushed the w key and I have to let it go and push it again and it takes like 2 seconds to start going straight
That’s so annoying I started just leaving the match and I almost never will leave a match but it’s not fun or fare to stay in a match that Russian lag assaults you and kills you