Fixing Clan Wars

I kind of figured it would be split. As I said in my first post on it:

PS brackets aren’t supposed to stop people from using relics… It’s just to denote a level of fair equivalency balance between the large 3 abilities: Strength, Mobility, and Durability. You don’t get to max them all out without sacrificing somewhere else.

I’m sure it would be interesting for anyone that likes 4x4 bot-less pvp but yeah it would give vets more options too. I don’t really see an issue with vets dominating the leader boards either, they’re vets it’s what they should be doing plus it’s supposed to be competitive.

If I don’t have to hear people complain about it costing too much to get into CW anymore I’m happy. lol

I’d just hope they don’t halfass it. Like I’d like to see the clan garage blue prints and the PS bracket listings included too.

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With split leader boards I think it would easily work.

I also hope they would split out LWs too.

I would greatly enjoy these modes - but for the guys that can’t even do Confrontation well this is not going to make them happy even though they “think” it will.

If you make multiple brackets and leaderboard then many of the hard cores are just going to look at it as an opportunity to win them all - and like you said vets should dominate these modes.

It would be a great addition for end game players - but I wouldn’t sell it as Clan Wars Light like they did Confrontation because we all know that is far from the truth.

The only big thing I see changing would be that CW guys would just need more builds to compete in all the brackets - which would even push players farther away from having what you need to be competitive.

Now :slight_smile: with all that said - I love when they do changes that mix things up so much it pisses a bunch of people off - if you can embrace the chaos I normally have a pretty good time :slight_smile:

I mean - CW players already need 6+ builds

3 for CWs
3 for Confrontation
And you might even have LW only CW builds OR even a Levi worth multiple builds.

Adding brackets just like adding Confrontation seem like it just expands the need for more gear.

All the guys I know that play CW already have all the gear fused for any PS, so tell the new guys “Ready, Set, Go” when the new brackets are added and see who has all the builds done first.

I think they need to, too as some of the mid ps just end up getting tossed into the 9k.

I have to be drinking to really enjoy the smaller matches myself. It’s hard to say if it’s build skills or player skills though for the can’t do confrontation mode currently. Which is why I’m thinking shared garage blueprints might help with part of it.

As long as it boosts participation I don’t see it as an issue.

If they don’t mind using other members builds that’s solved partially for in the clan garage concept. Each member could add in 3 builds. they just have to have the parts to use it. (Some of the upgrades will have to be watched for issues though.) It will give them something to chat about too i.e. building better for each bracket.

Like in the blueprints window you could have an additional menu for clan garage: first 3 slots shown are theirs to do what they want with and then below that would be a list of what the clan has put up. There’s some logic bits that would have to be worked on for managing them between what’s registered/accepted and potential replacements if a group print is deleted but I think it’s do able type of system.

So you don’t have to scroll up to read it:

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For me personally - I am highly against a clan garage to be used in a competitive mode.

If they want to play with other peoples builds then do a custom match for no reward.

I was thinking more of the team aspect of it more akin to how a race team functions having multiple drivers for the same car. Plus there’s some viable team work involved in it as well as some educational building opportunities for newer members.

I like this idea. The lower rewards would discourage higher tier clans from punching lower to get easy rewards.

That would provide some well needed flexibility.

That would be a good thing so players don’t go to lower PS brackets for easy Uranium.

That would be nice. It would keep Que times down. I do imagine a lot of players using this to Que snipe and Que dodge though

I kind of see that as just being a logistical learnable player skill. With the added flex of using shared blueprints a team should be able to que jump fairly fast to grab a match. Unless it turns into some type of abuse I’d just leave it as incentive to have a flexible clan.

One of the other smalls that should be added in system announcements over clan chat for both confront/clan wars battles when they are about to start starting. Probably 3 majors of them at 10 min, 5, and 0. Maybe a few extra between 5 and 0. I noticed a number of players saying they always miss it when it’s running. I’ve missed it a number of times too thinking I’ll just go do this one thing cause the counter is still down ticking and then forget.

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I can’t imagine it being abused too much.

Especially with Confrontation mode because it is only 40 minutes. Clan Wars sessions are 4 hours long so I don’t see it as much of an issue.

I just not one to babysit a tab so without an announcement I’d just randomly check. This would just make it so you’d not even need to check.


That would be convenient