Fixing Clan Wars

The CW pool has become so stagnant that League MM cannot work properly and the lower rungs disappeared completely. No matter which metric you use (PS or league ranking) Newer players with 6K builds are mostly gonna be facing more experienced clans with better equipment.

Clan Wars is stuck in a catch-22: Fewer people want to play, so the barrier of entry becomes much higher and more difficult for most players. The aforementioned high barrier and difficulty result in fewer players participating.

Ideally, if CW had enough participants. The League system would be able to accurately assess a team’s ranking and be able to match them against near-peer rankings.
Before anyone says it… I’m well aware that newer players will still face teams with more experience and better equipment, I just hope it will be less frequent so more players don’t get discouraged.

Players need incentive to play. A slightly larger amount of scrap metal just isn’t worth the frustration for most players. Maybe offer more rewards. How about winning small amounts of Plastic and Electronics for a victory in Rust and Tin Leagues respectively? Or maybe players choosing to earn Wires or Batteries? Cosmetics and Banners anyone? Anything would be better than what we currently have. It may not fix all of the problems, but its worth a shot.


q went till an hour before we quit locked to NA at 3 pm cst

this game is dead lol

Unfortunate. Oh well.

Must suck to be on PC. PS has 200 clans playing. Not a perfect MM world but short queues and mostly reasonable matchups…

i was going to suggest a pve mode that you can enter that has cups. rust, iron, bronze, silver, gold and diamond. the lower tiers have resources like scrap and copper, completing them would give you a small bonus to either scrap or copper. the higher the league the more different resources you can earn. even earning multiples of resources in a match like wires and batteries together. that might take the devs a while to do but it would give me another reason to keep playing as well.

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Might as well. Raids need an overhaul anyways.

WIth the current confrontation update clan pop will start to slowly get better.

However, it seems to be going quite slow and it might not even affect proper clan wars much eventually.

Some electronics and/or plastic is not a bad idea, it would devalue the resource a little but it would give more value to the main mode of the game…Crossout wont survive on its Raid system, the people who play competitively bring the cash.

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what if…players just got a crate that had all these items (or others, whatever) available but can only select one, then, we get an allotment of that item in accordance to our performance. Even extend the crates items to hold weapons, the better performance you have, the more weapons you get (weapons that can be sold, salvaged, whatever).

I know, that’s just tossing it all into the blender and saying “Let’s see what happens!” but sometimes, just sometimes, the blend turns out pretty darn good.

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dont know how to feel about this.
long ago the only way to get common weapons was to win in pvp and get them randomly or buy them from the market from people who won them. it wasnt a good system so they changed it so that you could make them instead and get scrap from pvp. im glad they made that change.

this would also create a problem in and of itself. i dont want to have tons of crates taking up inventory spaces, not to mention even if they didnt who would want to go through countless crates in their inventories?
on top of that what if you racked up like 20 or 40 crates, how would they keep track of all the matches you did and all the rewards you got?
we still got issues with casings and coupons as well, we dont even know what they are going to do with those.

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no idea. I got the idea from Star Trek Online, so, it’s doable.

except this isnt star trek online…
THIS IS CROSSOUT!!! bumps you into a colosseum battle
but yeah this is not the same as star trek, just cause something works in one game doesnt mean itll work in another.

rubberbands back to garage

Very true, one line of code out of place and it breaks everything. Just spit-ballin ideas.

Yeah, I just hope it’s not too little too late.

Raids suck, I don’t think people will shed too many tears if they got those resources from PVP.

I wouldn’t be opposed, but if the selection of items is low. I would rather take resources to craft items than to select items I will never use.

I still think strict PS brackets each with their own rankings would probably work. The lower the PS brackets would earn lower reward scales at the end of the season. If these PS brackets overlaps with confrontation it’s fine as players would have a spot to go practice in a similar format mode. There also needs to be a way for players to check how many clans are participating in which PS bracket at any given time, this will help with Que times.

Give each clan +3 clan garage blueprints spots per member. A player can upload their builds to the clan garage to be approved by a leader or officer. Once a build is accepted it is play-able by any member so long as they have all the parts. This would make it so that different members could focus on building for different PS brackets while any member with the parts could go play in the PS bracket. These clan blueprints should track some basic usage stats for ease of management wins vs losses or numbers of members registering it to a PS bracket. This also leave open the potential for later being able to expand the clan garage blueprint list as well; be it via challenges or rewards or some other system.

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If they make PS brackets for CWs - then they need a new leader board for each bracket with reduced Ore or no Ore prize.

Including LWs into CW scores already makes the leaderboard a joke for any real competitive game mode. Adding brackets is just more :poop: like that.

Everyone wants their Participation Trophy…

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I think brackets would actually make it more competitive. If it didn’t work that way they probably wouldn’t use them in the Olympics and other similar competition events.

I’m pretty sure though that part of the issue is people aren’t participating. If they want people to participate they are going to have to reward the top of a leaderboard. That has little to do with participation trophies. Nay saying it simply because of a potential reduction via scaling just translates to being scared about losing something via established entitlement though. As far as the reduced ore prizes go that would depend on how they scale it, I don’t think most of the lower PS brackets would really need it. So it could probably just scale to the last one or two highest PS brackets offered in the mode. They still would need something to entice them into playing the mode though as the gameplay experience generally isn’t rewarding enough as is.

I do agree with that - but in the Olympics every bracket has its own trophy And leaderboard.

Without a spilt leader board for ever bracket it’s a joke.

They don’t give the a light weight boxer the heavy weight built when he wins a light weight match.

some people need to get their head around 'PS brackets,PS brackets don’t stop ‘relics ect where they don’t belong’

'split this bar into different groups,‘so what we have 2 clan wars with different rarities’ ‘boo hoo’


‘this game has too many weapons as it is’

‘i’m sorry if your a seal clubber whale. but new players would like to play too’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :thinking:

Old players can’t even do well on 9k Confrontation - what do you think their experience in a bracketed CW would be like?

You know what - on second thought I’m 100% for PS bracketed CW.

Then we can min/max the lowest bracket and get the same reward for less cost.

I’m sure new guys will enjoy the experience of vets dominating every bracket.

+1 remember you asked for it.