Fixing issues , creating new ones

Hello ,
we really appreciated this morning’s update , which brings new interesting mechanics to make event more fun ,
but then we stumbled upon that issue : If you make a specific build , you can block the gate . As it is likely it will become common , i would like to draw your attention on the fact thet it is doable , so maybe by limiting the length of admissible crafts you ca mitigate or negate that problem.

this being said , that allows you to complete a game in less than 1 Min 30 .
All my apologies to the people i blocked during this game , understand it was for science.

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day 2 of this event i witnessed someone who built their car into a wall , they blocked the gate and argued about how hovers didnt belong while the ravagers got everyone as they piled up


i played event a lot and it never happened to me , but with today’s update , we had that devious idea , and wanted to bring it to a broader attention

yea i only saw it the one time thankfully , although if this becomes an issue im not sure they will beable to find a work around

limit build length to 50 squares , gates are around 54 , so they could be pushed away at least , or make gates wider than garage length.

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trap your team , everyone gets infected , event over in a minute and repeat , i swear half the turret players drop their turrets blocking the gate on purpose too

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I swear to this too, probably let a teammate get infected while I make a break for it logic, which isn’t logic but stupidity as more ravagers = less of a chance of winning

Fixing issues that create new issues is called Science!

The invisible “door” before the gate closes was there from the beginning.

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