Flame raiders rewards

I have a question regarding the flame raiders rewards, i found someone in game with a lot of those rewards ( profil pictures, banners, ck, paints, etc…) and i searched on the flame raiders site to see what tournement he won. And at my surprise he just earn from all those tournements only 115 points and the rewards he have does not accord to he’s placement in the tournement. So how can he get those without having the points or placements needed to ?

As you can see in the screenshots, he managed to obtain the profile picture “Honest Freddie”, the paint “Shimapan” and the flame raider CK for the scorpions.

I faintly remember someone at some point talking how you earn points in these flame raider events by competing, even if you do not win the main prices, and you can use said points to exchange for prices on the flame raiders site or something.

But I am not 100% sure on this

You can actually use points in the FR shop to buy stuff that can only be acquired during the tournaments (FR packs, paints, decorations)