Flaming Hell

There’s no skill in a flame car.
Just bash and burn
Shouldn’t be allowed on Confrontation.

I think firedogs are extremely difficult to play well. Most of the difficulty is viewing the map to determine when and what to attack.

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One small error and your dead.

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There’s no skill in like 90% of the meta builds, it’s just hold W and a button. Even my go-to confrontation build, after countless of testing and multiple weapons, ended up being a no brain hold w shotgun build. No skills needed no planning needed no teamwork no thought no nothing needed, just drive into enemy and hold fire, cheese builds to smithereens, gain the around 5000 points for clan, feel relieved you can now ignore the confrontation mode for the rest of the week again because it’s shit

Over the years I have heard this.

Then you ask someone to fight in a custom game with a “presss w build” and they can’t kill :poop:

Do you play META builds? Do you even play PvP? CWs? Confrontations?

I was going to write a very long post about how pvp is the only thing in this game I play / worth playing to begin with, but in the middle of it I realized I am trying to prove that I play a game to one of the more annoying chucklenuts on the forum and instead will call you a drooling retard without caring at what game mode you think I am playing in, and be a lot more satisfied with that, than what I would have ever been with any amounts of proving I play regular pvp to another forum user

So your an art build player? Low PS player?
I always see you complain about PvE, so I figure your mostly a PvE player.