Flare option

If you insist on having 30 PYRES locking onto people the entire battle with unlimited ammo, at least make a FLARE PART to buy. This isnt fun anymore when the entire game is just being locked onto every second. Especially if you plan on having sky battles the next 40 days. I stopped playing last night because its nothing but homing missiles homing missiles homing missles the second you get in the game. MAKE FLARES AN OPTION. Something. I dont know but if you insist on 50 different kinds of lock on missiles, you gotta give us something to counter them with besides telling us to hide beind a cloud or hide behind a non existant building. ITS just beyond irritating to the point I just turn it off.

Good lord with the crying about the homing rockets…

Flares? Why? Have you even tried the multitude of other options for defeating homing rockets?

  1. Chameleons. The cheaper one is fine. You just need to go invisible for a second for the rockets to lose you.
  2. Griffon Cab. It makes rockets lose their lock.
  3. Beholder Cab. It’s rather OP since it has a chameleon built right in.
  4. Kami. It kills the Nest shells.
  5. Aegis Prime. Instant force field around your truck.
    Those are the ones I’ve personally tested.

The other obvious solution is to learn to fly the copter so you can avoid rockets. It’s not hard unless you haven’t practiced flying. They’re MUCH easier to avoid when flying vs. on the ground. Of courrse, you can always stay low and duck behind cover. But, if you haven’t bothered to practice flying enough to get proficient at it, none of that matters.

Other probable options I haven’t tested are the Argus, Interceptor, and Daze… I’m not sure if they work on homing rockets. I’ve never used them.

Other guaranteed options are weapons…
Mini-guns are great at simply shooting them out of the air. Machine guns work too, but minis are better.
Flash and Spark both kill incoming rockets.
ALL of the flying drones except for the Annihilator act as shields against them.

Other tactics:
ALL rocket users have to have ammo, and in this mode, since the battles take so long, they have to carry a LOT of ammo. The Neutrino highlights explosive bits… use a sniper weapon to target that ammo. One shot, one kill. I know this works, because it’s been used quite effectively on my own copters!

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Mr. Over-aggerate is back, working on getting a second :1st_place_medal: huh?

Missiles aren’t MGs or Shotties, they don’t get unlimited ammo, not everyone playing homing weapons

Good glad you realized that just because a new mode is put in place the old ones don’t vanish…

You could suggest these in the game suggestion section instead of a tantrum in the gen discussion!

Now we’re going from over-aggerating to flat-out lying huh???
They’re Nest, Pyre, and Hurricanes dude, that’s 3, not 50, the count from Sesame Street can help you count!
Two of the maps, the most common ones are cities… Guess what is abundant in cities??? … Buildings :joy: :clown_face:
This is your second post about the same thing, we know the beep beep irritates you :joy:

People already told him all the counters to the beep beeps but it went in one and out the other ear. but thanks for telling them again maybe this person will listen to you!

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ngl im too poor to afford anything and i want to fly but i always get ganged up on by 3 people flying around with lock ons i hate em i only got 2 rapiers and a chord what am i supposed to do :c

Hey, the Flock works really well. You may still have to dodge a little bit, but the module does like 90% of the work. Last week I bought 2 Flocks for around 3200 each, after selling 7 Gerridas that I crafted just in case, for some art projects, and I look, “Oh, it’s high, maybe sell and get THE pre-requisite module for helicopter battles, which is totally intentional by the devs, to promote BP sales.” Now it’s me trolling the no-skills firing their homing crutches at me. The Flock’s price is slowly dropping, and it’ll soon be craftable. Add two Expanded Ammo Packs, best if upgraded for more capacity, and if not, get four ready for the Christmas upgrading event. Put them on Riffts, so you can drop them when used up, or when at risk of blowing up. And to deny the enemy the XP for destroying them. Quite possibly, I’ll build a helicopter that’ll have everything connected to the cabin through a single Rift, so an enemy would get as few XP as possible. Fight fiercely, do damage, help the team, and when the time comes, eject the cabin. I could even go for the Werewolf, and continue as an April Fools drone. Maybe get an MVP that way. :wink:

And you need only one Flock. I launch the flares to the front, and then I can dodge left or right, or spin and dive. I bought the second just in case. Not using it for now. I guess that if 1 Flock + 2 upgraded Expanded Ammo Packs won’t be enough, adding a second Flock would be the next step. On a different key.

Now I noticed this post was mainly about the “Off We Go!” event. That wasn’t so bad. I could even dodge missiles from 3 enemies at the same time, if I focused. Helicopters seemed to be more agile back then. Now they nerfed that to make us buy a BP for the Flock. I still need to find that video where I was dodging missiles from 3 enemies and they had to give up at some point. Anyway, it was easier back then.