Flares should cancel Caucasus locks

I encountered a triple Caucasus Heli in bedlam today, and I had flares on my vehicle. If the Caucasus locks on using heat signatures, JUST LIKE MISSILES, the flares should cancel the lock.

Anyone else agree?

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Don’t think it would work well but it’s a fair thought. Smokescreen I think would be better for the effect as it could block being able to click on the player based on the percentage of the alpha map of the remaining smoke. So smoke screen 100% (zero chance of targeting) 75% (25% chance of targeting)… 25% (75% chance) and so on. The same numbers can be played around with in regard to re-lossing the target too. So every x steps in time it could run a chance of losing the target based on the percentage as well.

Do you mean the decorative smoke flares or the flock thing?

Smoke flares are attached to your car, so if anything, the heat signature of your vehicle should be increased.

If you mean the flock flares, then yes, I can agree with you.

By the way, somebody came after me with a triple-caucasus copter and beat me repeatedly. Not to be outdone, I built one expecting similiar results, and lost repeatedly. :unamused:

they already got nerfed.
Angles of fire plus the pathetic range (another nerf, i imagine ) makes virtually impossible to lock into a chopper from the ground.
The few times i could lock was just for a few moments before losing the lock, they didn’t fire, i had to use a Chord to be able to destroy or help to destroy 10 chopper mission.

In ground to ground fights that angles of fire nerf also… you notice.

Caucasus are in a bad state.

They’re too good on helis, the fire angle doesn’t matter with a vehicle that already looks EVERY direction you do, including up and down. The fire angle could be removed, and this could be implemented, and it would make them a lot more playable.

And are you playing Caucasus exclusive? You can put a different weapon on your car… are you that reliant on the one in game aimbot weapon that you can’t use another gun? You say you “had” to use a chord like it was difficult for you.

Caucasus was made for car-to-car combat, and you want to treat it like an AA gun. If they were to implement that, I would think it would be a separate weapon.

I use that build in PVE…and in the MGs dailies, currently it’s the only build i have with weapons classified as MGs.

It was impossible, the perfect double whammy, lack of range and lack of firing angles. As i said, the few times they locked were only for a few moments they didn’t shoot

Before the angles of fire nerf they were able to lock and fire helis but not for long.
A single chord outperform them, it had more range, it made more damage and was thanks to that chord i was able to complete that mission.

In PVP they aren’t nothing to write home about, they are at the bottom when compared with other weapons (MGs/SGs/energy weapons), against drones they are good but all the other weapons are good against drones, against everything else…they are crap. They c0me off like autumn leaves.

It’s a PVE build, and it’s where i miss the most the firing angles, before ( rock city, founders canyon) i could assume positions in steep places and they would lock and fire, i could be under a bot and they would fire into it’s guts, now they don’t fire, nothing to do with AA. I usual play get the whatever without choppers.
Devs said that ground units won’t feel a big difference, they were wrong.

As i see it and from what i’ve observed
Air to Air combat has two different things when compared with ground to ground combat.

  • Caucasus may have a advantage against missile builds in the open
  • clear line of sight almost all the time

In the ground, not so much, everything and it’s dog can block the lock of Caucasus, even team mates and that makes a big difference.
Caucasus might be better in the air but on the ground it’s where the nerf hurts more.

footnote : all weapons received an update to better deal with air combat from the ground, Caucasus was the only weapon that got nerfed in that regard.
Regardless of type of radar one may have in the build, the effective range is always 100 m

If you have other machine guns, put them on this car for the MG dailies. If you don’t I’m going to view it as you just proving my point.

If the chord is so much better, then put seven on the car instead of three Caucuses. You said one does more damage…

What point?

So, every time the MG day is on i have to rebuild the entire front of that build to do it… i don’t think so. It’s so much simpler and quicker grab and go
As soon as i get more parking slots i’ll do another version with whirls, as is, they don’t fit properly, one of them stays a bit stiff, the aiming reticule don’t have full movement.

Seven? why? one was enough to do a better job than 3 Caucasus which was not hard because they didn’t do anything, they simply didn’t worked.

It makes sense they should, but also the Caucasus has been nerfed so much already that if they do, they need to roll back some of the nerfs, mainly rotation speed and angles of firing

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Sadly once players discover how to make an extremely nerfed weapon work in they’re favor again. The requests for another nerf on that weapon starts. .>>>----> Insert tumble bug video here <----<<< Before we know it all weapons will have the affect of a pea shooter. And yes I occasionally use a Caucasus /copter build. But have far less results. My estimation is the Caucasus were all fused units and a well experienced player with that particular combo. So do we start nerfing fusing results? Solely to punish those whom have taken the time to fuse & master a weapons combination? Not trying to start a flame, just pointing out variable’s. *Note: My inventory has very few fused weapons for the record.