Flash reload perk is simply too much

Before we jump to ‘all dog builds must burn in hell eternally’, let me just preface this by saying that if balanced, melee gameplay can require skill and coordination, instead of just holding fire + W, by forcing the players to find weak spots through which they can easily kill enemies.

With that said, the current reload perk of flash (6% stacks 12 times, so 12x6 = 72%, or if exponentially 1.06^12 = 2.01) is simply too much. Being fired at by Flash while wielding reload based weapons changes a dire situation into an unwinnable one. You can usually get one shot off before flash locks on, take the melee build from the front, and then still die before your guns reload even once.

Therefore, I suggest nerfing the Flash’s reload perk to be around 35% max reload slowing. Enough to make a significant difference in firepower, not enough to completely render the weapons unusable.

The power reduction perk should, albeit annoying, stay the way it is. When a flash melee attacks from the front, you can still sort-of kite them by steering your build towards your team. getting attacked from the side, therefore a weak spot, removes this. This is okay.

TL;DR: Spark reload perk renders reload based weapons unusable, so it needs to be nerfed.


Agree with this. I think Flash is a bad design because it prevents your opponent from escaping AND fighting back. That’s just silly. This said, I’d suggest simply lowering the perk from 6% to 5% (or reducing the max amount of stacks to 10). Just because I like clear tooltips O_O

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They need to fix the “death touch” first - mechanic that prevents you from disengaging if opponent is touching your car. It mgiht already help a lot, now that wedges are fixed.

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The flash is now what the spark was…so its gone from a legendary to a relic. Honestly, its pretty light on durability and very hard to bunker so i generally dont find it to be an issue. It does stack 12 times though remember its only stacking at 1 second intervals so it has to be active for 12 seconds to get full perk.

And it costs a LOT and uses 4 energy. Its does not stop you fighting back and its actual damage is very poor. Just shoot it off. 1 shot from most reload weapons of legendary or better will do the trick.

MY biggest hate is Lancelots. An epic weapon for 1 energy when you have 5 can blast through most builds in a one shot - how is that balanced in any way.??.?

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5 lances? Against a CW build? Even for a hover that’s bad.

The worst a full lancer (12+ Lancelots) can do to me these days is cripple me moderately lol. Legendary cabs, heavy armor being better than before, tons of light and silly tough bumpers… My heavy dog can take a full lancer frontally and not even lose a gun :rofl:

5 lances is 4k PS raw - if you have no soul and need a break from your morning routine of stomping kittens.
Lances have stupidly low PS of 275 so on a growl cabin with 9-11 of them you are easily around 6k range.
You cant counter them in 5-7k range on a reasonably skilled cloaked player especially on more maze-like maps. Even seeing one coming doesnt mean you can evade or shoot them off fast enough.

Though to be honest XO is not really having new players to speak of, and lowe range is all smurfing trolls, so who cares.

my best guess, you have not seen any recent firedogs. Flash has 544 HP, meaning that if fused, it can not be oneshot by a direct scorpion hit, and that’s basically the most damage any single shot alpha damage weapon can do. Averter only makes it worse.

You misread this, the effect goes away after 1 second of not firing. Flash fires at 3.4 damage ticks per second, so 12/3.4 = 3.5 seconds of firing until the maximum amount of slowing is achieved.

As someone with lances as well, I can safely say that most high PS builds take away all lances, and if I’m lucky, ‘only’ around 8.

Firedogs are the most prevalent melee build at the moment. If it were to be balanced, you would see them about as often as other dogs. This is not the case.

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Yes - if you spend nearly 100,000 coins, you can have a gun that can take a double scorpion shot, as it should for that money. And, among other things i play a firebug flash build so i know about fire dogs.

My thoughts stand i think - 6 shots from breakers strips them which is just over 1 second and you say about inverter and now its a 5 energy Fused Relic - it should be strong for that cost in energy and coins. Compare this to other 4 energy relic weapons and it weighs more and fIrebugs can be bunkerd in the back of a build.

your logic is flawed. this is if all pellets hit. breakers are a shotgun, so don’t expect that. On top of that, if you’re playing firedog and you go for a breaker in a team full of hovers, there’s something wrong with you.

as for the 100k thing, you will have a gun that can make any build useless without having to fear being degunned. Not just scorpions, but typhoons, tsunamis, destructors, helios, mammoth, waltz, pulsar, etc.

Other guns, like scorpions and reapers, can receive fuses that make it impossible to oneshot. This is okay, because of their range. If you hit it once, and it does not immediately fall off, there’s the possibility of a second shot that can take it out. As for flash, you can literally only shoot once, and if it’s not gone by then, either through armor or upgrades, you’re dead.

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You are making a LOT of assumptions here.

Our clan often runs a full breaker team in CW if we fight a group of fire dogs. I agree, not all 6 shots will strip it but with the spread of shotguns, it is not really much more and i win 90% of battles with flash/firebug builds in breakers.

And how does having a fused flash make ANY build useless? It only effects RELOAD weapon and then just slows you down. Any MG, shotgun auto-canon etc simply is unaffected by it? Flash does not make ANY build invincible as you seem to be suggesting.

Also, test things in exhibition - they are not as bullet proof as you cannot bunker them like scorpions or canons.

Now they have a cab that is a hard counter to flash

Yup - its not like dog teams are the meta so this should not help them at all…

What about a Levi that can just be like “no heat on me” and “buy buy flash reload/speed slowdown”

Sorry - i am not sure about your last comment on the levi? Are you saying the flash nullifies levis? I play levi, as levi player and flash does not bother me so much - just circle them so the levi just focuses flash build and they are gone very fast. Again, i just am not sure what you meant by your last comment?

Many top clans on Xbox use range hover Levis. They dominate sausage cockpit Levi’s before they can even reach them. They just back peddle and the rush Levi can not do anything about it, UNLESS someone gets a spark/flash on them to slow them down, then the hover crumbles.