Flash Vs Spark

What do you think I’m better off with? I could get a cheap upgraded spark when the kronos tanks in a couple of days or i could get a flash which is also cheap for a relic.

One Spark doesn’t seem super useful anymore, but I see some people running multiple Sparks lately, and some are effective with them in PVP.

I have a 3-spark build (unfused) that I use as a novelty build in bedlam; I’ve never flown it for combat.

How fast does the reload debuff status effect of the flash take to apply? if it takes a long period of time i just might as well get the spark and save some coin. It don’t say in the description it just says “slows the reload speed and cooldown of enemy weapons by 3.5% and stacks 17 times” but doesn’t give any details. That 3.5 percent could take 2 million years for all i knows, devs really need to think thru the descriptions, I almost think it’s on purpose just to leave players in the dark.

That’s one thing I never liked about the weapon descriptions; the property values are expressed as a bar chart. For example, “cannon A takes 4/10 bars to reload, cannon B takes 6.5/10 bars to reload”. How many seconds is one of those bars? Same deal with time-until-overheat, et. al. I don’t have a stopwatch to time it myself; actual values in seconds would be more meaningful.

The reloaders also have unhelpful descriptions. When I was a newer player, there was nothing to tell me if a reloader would work for certain weapons other than cannons and rockets. Before I had a damage meter, I had to go into bedlam and find the meter and test it out (hoping I survived long enough to do so).


I’m a longtime Spark and Flash user. My current build is a Flash 2 Skadi Icedog brick for Levi wars. Flash does about a third more damage than spark. It takes about 5 seconds for the reload/overheat effect to become noticeable and then it is very noticeable.

Flash also has much more durability than spark. The damage difference between the two makes Flash far better than Spark. It can one shot mines and a whole minefield so you can drive with confidence through them while Spark is weak enough you have to drive slowly through mines and you can’t easily challenge a Porcupine.

If it is cheap enough, get a Flash. Hands down great relic. You won’t regret it.

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That’s what I’m using it with skadis but something totally different then a dog. I’m planning on using using it with a goliath build believe it or not. Even tho the acceleration and turn speed is good the top speed is only 60kph so i need something to slow down my victims so I’d like to replace the middle skadi with either a flash or a spark.

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You sure the flash got much more damage than the spark, i tested it out some builds in the exhibition and i think flash prob did like 760 on the damage meter or something like that and spark was like 720.

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I feel like if you want to do any proper things that these weapons are mainly used for (annoying enemy players and debuffing them) you need one of each. The legendary weapons by themselves do not really do enough compared to using one of each, damage is lacking either way but with at least 1 relic added you’ll be much more annoying to the enemy team

Hence I haven’t really played these outside event brawls, i could never afford the relic one and just adding the legendary one to a random build does not feel that great, a daze is much more useful in a meelee build for example imo, especially after the change to harvester perk


I made up my mind now so I’m gonna get the flash. The reload debuff perk albeit small should give a much bigger advantage over the spark by sounds of it and should be even more potent with skadi, so i try it out and if I don’t like it will then ill sell it and get somtin else or just save said coin for a rainy day.

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I went with the flash after and replaced the middle skadi on my skadi tank and renamed it the SkadifFlashyTank and lo and behold the first person i took out with this build was the runner up in battle for uranium legend league on pc king johan himself who was using porcs on hovers so off to a pretty good start. Finally a goliath build that can actually work so I can finally brush the dust bunnies off my goliaths. Just gotta avoid the shotgun bricks and I’m good.

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