Flight controls are pretty bad

im talking about the helicopter blades they gave us for the event. i honestly wouldve preferred the brawl from last year. the controls for flying are really bad… why not make it so clicking in the left stick moves up, right stick moves down, forward goes forward, etc? i mean flight controls have different controls then normal dont they?
it seems to me like a simple solution. flying like this is just… not possible… i mean… for a few it might be ok but i can barely control the thing as is. im crashing into everything and its really impossible to control.
is anyone else having an easier time then me or am i the only one having issues with this?

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PC or console?

On PC they are quite good once you get a hang of them, though from what I heard on console they are meh, not good not bad.

The big thing is you have to learn them you can’t just rush it, before you go into battle try doing laps around the garage with the first goal being to get out.

If on PC tap W a few times then look down and hold it, to move out with ease.

Reminder SPace and alt are both really valuable for controling your movement in different ways.

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im on console and its horrendous…

they are very bad on console. trust me they are. i just wish they had similar controls to regular driving…

Because these are helicopter blades. Helicopters don’t magically strafe, they have to tilt themselves to go in the direction of the lift.

I’m more bothered by the awful maps. They pretty much all suck except that Syndicate town we have in regular PvP. That Fortress-wannabe one with no cover, omg. Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

I tried it yerterday and actually its rl ezzz to fly, my friend struggle with it and get frustrated for the same reason as you. I think if you practice for one day you’ll master it. Dont give up, its funny to fly that garbage :rofl:

Yeah they suck, makes grinding out the 2 wins for the crate daily so much fun I don’t feel like playing normal game mode after I am done with it

I think the controls on Xbox are amazingly good.

It took me like hour to really figure it out. But once it clicks your on point.

I use an elite 2 controller to fly hovers, but the way they set this up I have no need for the under buttons and can fully control the heli with the two thumb sticks.

Left stick is up and down and barrel roll right and left. Also remember you can lock and unlock barrel roll controls.

Right stick is movement, look where you want to go. Down is forward (points your nose down) and up makes your nose go up.

Some guys are just never going to get this down. It definitely is a skill.

I struggled at first, but with practice I’ve gotten pretty good. Barrel rolling and nose diving away from rockets or towards an enemy is great fun.

Keep practicing… It’s adding a 3rd dimension to the game play. We shouldn’t expect it to be instantly mastered.

The controls remind me of the Helicopter controls in Battlefield. They’re not bad.

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